I'm not one for conspiracy theories. as much, if not all of my content has been based on factual information. However.

this has been floating around for about 3 months. via social media and even quickly spoken about by the President.
Celebrities. Politicians. Businessman.

there had been a recent blackmail request from a hacker who said that many celebrities and politicians may be involved in a child sex ring. They requested $42m. from a law firm that had the information. they were denied.
moving forward.
Child sex Ring has caught a lot of attention nation wide. with Ghislaine Maxwells arrest in New Hampshire mid last week. She will be presenting names of those involved in Epsteins child sex ring.
Below I will link a video from a Turkish News Organization. They bring a new light to child endangerment involving Celebrities with the 'Natural Chemical' found in children. known as #AndrenoChrome

English translated Version:
More information will be added to this thread as Maxwell speaks. as well as small tid bits of information that may be of importance ensue.
FOR CONTEXT: Ghislaine Maxwell (58)

was/is a British socialite who has many connections to people in power. Daughter to Billionaire publisher Robert Maxwell. She had a close connection to Jeffery Epstein.
attached below is the "supposed list"* of those involved:

*Names have not been verified by authentic parties involved. however these names have been associated with #AndrenoChrome or inappropriate conduct with a Minor. A list to compare to Maxwells confession.

Interview of child victim of Hampstead Cover up in London.

linked to PM David Cameron.

with Ghislaine Maxwell's contribution to UK authority there may be a correlation between the Hampstead Cover up and the J. Epstein Case
Remember that charitable funding meant for Haiti Disaster Relief started by @HillaryClinton...

where did the money go ? why are they still recovering.

What about Laura Silsby Gayler of AlertSense ?

you know the company that controls the Amber Alert System?
Laura has been convicted of kidnapping 33 Haitian children.

she still occupies here job at @alertsense
Attorney of Epstein victims comments on Donald Trump Involvement:
Catholic churches have long stood in hand with Child endangerment. Often making their children spend the night with no parents in a church and their members.

several arrests were made recently from child endangerment involving the members.
@CourtTV | UPDATE: Ghislaine Maxwell discussion of bail?
Haitian Friends ?

Bloody Harvest written by David Kilgour ?

Overly priced merchandise on @Wayfair ?

The Wayfair Sex trafficking scheme explained by @TommyG :
Friend of Seth Green spoke out against Hollywood pedophilia death deemed "su*cide"
*Update on this thread*

video detailing #Adrenochrome has been deleted. Several accounts suspended.
"cause you'd be in jail..."

it's more than media bias
it's more than the Haiti's Foundation
media pushed the narrative that looking into human trafficking was a part of "immigration reform" the "racist" erection of the southern boarder.

when all along it was the trapped original liberal media taken advantage by the extreme leftist party. https://twitter.com/DaRawJournalist/status/1281629381048315904/video/1
Internal Wayfair memo.

Wayfair response to human trafficking accusations and how to handle them if asked.

(may be deleted)
an interview from 2011! from @realDonaldTrump speaking on #AnthonyWiener.

He mentioned #PIZZAGATE. It's starting to make sense all the public hate, the false accusations to remove him from office. he knew back in 2011.

Tik Tok.. @HillaryClinton

attached below is the controversial #FRAZZLEDRIP video inside of Comet Ping Pong. (Washington DC Restaurant)

it is very unsettling. this man is a monster.

@johnpodesta is a monster
additional footage. @johnpodesta a sick twisted individual.
Update: EDIT

although this is a video involving Podesta and child endangerment

it is apparently not the #FRAZZLEDRIP video. (which involves @HillaryClinton)

I'll link the Clinton Video when it surfaces.
there was that awkward appearance when Trump attended a funeral with Clinton's and other affiliates of the Dem. party.

and they receive a letter. not sure if it was some sort of subpoena or something along those lines.
More disturbing video of @johnpodesta with a child.
Theodore L. Gunderson former FBI.
Trying to watch the a video with Sidney Powell (General Flynn's attorney) speaking on the tape found on #AnthonyWeinersLapTop 🤔🤔🤔
[MUST WATCH]: Full detail of #Frazzledrip video.

Clinton Emails exposed by many including:
- ex officer (9 out of 12 does from "suicide")
- ex Navy Seal
- Sidney Powell

CNN 10 years ago: a liberal news station for the people

CNN 2020: a news source swayed by money and power of people on the extreme left. a lot of cover-up !

@andersoncooper on Laura Silsby in Haiti
media doesn't have a bias ?
Guys .. you think this video makes sense? after going through my whole thread.

Spacey is on the flight log.
trip to Africa with Epstein, Chris Tucker and Bill C?
Spacey accuser death by suicide.
Freemason ring ?

watch this and think for yourself.
hey guys who are following this thread!

please continue to check out @CourtTV
as they are consistently covering the Maxwell case!

a reputable non bias source of information from a legal standpoint.
Ghislaine in court. No Bond.
Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates ? Bill Gates apart of The WHO (which has falsified documents) media manipulation and social media manipulation. 🤔🤔🤔 https://twitter.com/HiddenKnowledg6/status/1283818646012407808?s=19
more video from the Hampstead Cover up. sickening.
their faces say it all.
again making reference to Haiti Hillary human trafficking including Laura silsby who kidnapped 33 children.
questioning on the legality of Epsteins Sweetheart deal. that granted immunity to any co-conspirator (name or unnamed) from being prosecuted for involvement in Florida raid.

many tapes, containing public figures are noted to be found in JE's FL. estate.
🍦🍝? strange..
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