Today’s #indyref2 poll is disappointing. But it’s comes after months of broadcast media providing an almost unchallenged platform for the SNP to push a false narrative that fatal testing delays, a crisis in our care homes and 4k+ #covid19 deaths is somehow “getting it right”. 1/4
The SNP has no new #indy ideas. They’ve still no answers to the questions they failed to answer in 2014. They still want to break Scotland away from our largest trading partner, and do so at a time of real economic uncertainty. They’ve no idea even of the currency they’d use. 2/4
And the polling ignores the SNP’s failures on education. Their critical underfunding of our councils. Their failure to deliver the broadband they promised. Their blowing of £200m+ of taxpayer cash on unusable ferries with painted on windows. And their Named Person plans. 3/4
The SNP havent “got it right” on #COVID19 and they certainly haven’t got it right in 13 years of government. But they’ll pat themselves on the back, point to the polling and ignore how their policies have failed our country and left it more divided than ever. 4/4
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