and when this failed, they encouraged ISIS-style vehicle attacks (first one was a cop's cousin, remember?) and when ๐’•๐’‰๐’‚๐’• failed they just invaded it like the Alamo
that fella seems to focus too much on his perception of who "the organizers" were and his perceived importance of their role in events as they unfolded, imo, ofc, but otherwise i think that's a fantastic thread
in the broader world, we generally understand that the picture intentionally painted by "the person who walks up and talks to me," is not necessarily entirely representative of the larger power structures at play at any given location or in terms of a larger social group
but when it regards Occupy / CHAZ i notice similarity in a certain type of commentator's tendency to just go along with whoever had the most free time to speak to them at the exact moment they arrived and for the hour or so they were there robert evans fell afoul of this too, imo
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