1/5 There are 4 major and glaring problems with your (and Nikola's) assumptions https://twitter.com/TIK0LA_NESLA/status/1279195812841619458
2/5 If Nikola can buy electricity year-round at an average cost of 3.5¢ per kWh so can Tesla

If Tesla can only get it electricity 15¢ per kWh, so must Nikola as well

Since electricity is #1 OpEx, giving Nikola > 4x advantage on cost is one way to make them appear competitive
3/5 Maintenance: Tesla & Nikola share the same type of components except Nikola has a lot of fuel cell-specific components which require regular inspection, maintenance, & replacement

Saying Tesla maintenance cost = Nikola maintenance cost is nonsensical
4/5 Useful life: Saying the equipment of a hydrogen fueling station has a useful life of 21 y. whilst Megacharger station is only 12 y. is also nonsensical

Diesel station is far less complex & far more resilient than hydrogen station and it has a useful life of ~10 y.
5/5 Other OpEx: you completely omitted other OpEx associated with a hydrogen station: water, inspections, repair, maintenance, insurance, station personnel, etc.

If you correct these 4 majors problems in your assumptions you'll see hydrogen in *totally* uncompetitive
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