How many people are going to therapy right now saying they feel hopeless and depressed and are being told they have a condition instead of “that makes sense because the world seems to be collapsing”?
therapy can be good but so much US therapy, especially CBT, is about convincing you the worlds problems are your own, instead of validating your depression and anger as real and justified!!!!
My dad is part of a group called Black Psychoanalysts speak and I grew up with a lot of Black psychoanalysts and one of the main reasons People of Color choose not to go to therapy is because it’s the space where their feelings and anger are most invalidated.
In addition to the structural racism of the mental health system, there is also rampant racism amongst psychologists and psychiatrists, who end up telling people suffering from oppression that it is all in their heads.
therapy can be extremely helpful but all the pro-therapy talk on here often ignores that it can do more harm than good, when the therapist denies the lived reality of the patient.
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