A study from “Cash Flow Quadrant” - Robert Kiyosaki

How people born into poverty eventually become wealthy.

Share these 3 qualities:

1) They maintain a long-term vision and plan
2) They believe in delayed gratification
3) They use the power of compounding in their favor

1) Long-term vision and plan

—> This is the first and most critical step.

These people thought out and planned for the long term and knew that they would ultimately achieve financial success by holding onto that dream and vision.

They had no doubt that they would succeed.
2) Delayed gratification

These successful people were willing to make short-term sacrifices to gain long-term success, which is the basis of delayed gratification.

—> Play now...Work hard later.
—> Work hard now...Play later.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the prize.
3) The power of compounding

This study took compounding beyond just money and found that knowledge and learning is gained from each baby step you take and also compounds over the years.

People who put the work in each and everyday see small changes that lead to huge results.
Now the final question to ask yourself is...

—>Are you doing all that it takes to succeed? 🤔

1) Are you keeping the long term vision.

2) Celebrating short term victories but not letting it distract you from your overall goals.

3) Using each day to get a little better.
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