@SteveDaines Senator, I am from Livingston and have trucked about 1.65 million miles on Americas highways. A CDL driver is the most common profession in Montana.

The new highway bill raising the insurance minimums to $2m will destroy small businesses that are already suffering!
Truck drivers through the COVID crisis have dealt with horrible conditions, some have done days without meals because nothing was open, weeks without showers, yet they still did the job to keep the country moving.
90% of the trucking industry is made up of companies of 5 trucks or less, 80% have 2 or less.

If the insurance minimum is raised to 2 million, the increase in insurance rates will destroy many of these businesses.
Currently 75% of all truck related accidents are the fault of the 4 wheeler, not the truck.

There are roughly 2500 auto vs truck accidents per year.

One company, Swift transport Phonix AZ had 1423 crashes in a 2 year period!

Other companies like C R England operate like a shell so you cannot see how many accidents their drivers actually have. https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/query.asp?query_type=queryCarrierSnapshot&query_param=MC_MX&query_string=136818
Thus I can show you that it is the large companies with tens of thousands of trucks who are having the majority of the accidents.

Raising the insurance minimums will only serve to make these companies larger and drive out independent businesses!
Additionally raising the minimum will ensure that some companies that are barely getting by right now will drop their insurance coverage all together, so instead of having a million dollars in coverage in a catastrophic at fault accident, they will have none.
The only people this bill serves are the ambulance chasing lawyers who run commercials on TV.

They do not need any more money.
If there is anything else I can do to help provide you or your colleagues perspective on the trucking industry, please feel free to reach out to me via twitter and I will call or email your office.

Thank you!
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