1) Study: large excess #COVID19 mortality among Swedish residents born in Iraq, Syria, Somalia.

March-May 2020, excess mortality rates (vs. 2016-19):

Born Iraq, Syria, Somalia
Age 40-64: +220%
Age 65+: +205%

Born Sweden, Nordics, EU, N. America
Age 40-64: -1%
Age 65+: +19%
2) Reasons offered for huge differences in excess mortality rates among Swedish residents born in Iraq, Syria, Somalia: smaller, more crowded housing; inter-generational living; more regular use of public transport. As I noted in March, there are other important factors. #COVID19
3) Numbers from the Swedish Public Health Authority last week showed that professions with large % of immigrant labor were those most over-represented in terms of positive #COVID19 tests. These are not jobs where you can avoid contact and/or simply "work from home."
4) In early June, city of Stockholm had 9.3 #COVID19 deaths per 10,000 residents. Within the city, however, immigrant-heavy districts had much higher numbers (almost double in the district w/most per capita deaths):

Rinkeby-Kista: 16.7
Skärholmen: 13.1
Spånga-Tensta: 12.0
5) "Cultural differences" argument to explain higher #COVID19 infection and mortality rates among immigrant communities in Sweden easy way to NOT discuss political economy of illness: lower-paid jobs w/less security, inability to work from home, use of public transport, housing.
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