We strive to make the world of crypto a safer place and to get rid of its "Wild West" stigma. Thus, we'd like to educate as many users as possible to avoid fraud attempts. This thread was created with the only purpose to prevent you from losing your crypto ever since you read it!
Your SEED matters!
The most important rule of storing your crypto on a decentralized resource, such as http://waves.exchange  — never revealing your secret 15 words nor the private key to anyone, even to your golden retriever or to a spouse. Especially to a spouse :)
Be the only owner of your funds
There have been 12 major cryptocurrency centralized exchange hacks since 2019. In total, over $292 million and over 500 000 sets of customer data were stolen — #SAFU is not that safe. Use decentralized wallets and exchanges instead.
Social Engineering
If @sasha35625 or any crypto figure suddenly approaches you to ask for some crypto or data, all of your alarm bells should ring immediately. Besides luring for passwords & secret phrases, fraudsters may try to intercept your phone number,passport data & email.
. @elonmusk won't give you some free $BTC, @VitalikButerin won't give you free $ETH, etc. Keep in mind that every "FREE GATEWAY!" (GIVEAWAY?) or "CONGRATULATIONS!" stuff can be fraud activities, check the example
Hardware wallets
To protect your funds with an additional layer of security do consider buying a cold storage wallet. There have been no verified incidents of crypto being stolen from a hardware wallet but for exposed seeds (see 1). Btw, @Waves_Exchange supports Ledger accounts!
Use trusted Internet connections
Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, e.g. while being in McDonald's and going for a quick trade, attackers may want to intercept your data while being connected — as public networks always expose a risk.
Files and Extensions
Make sure to turn off 'automatically save photos and videos' in your messengers, such as Telegram. Pay attention to your browser extensions. Use verified resources only.
Install antivirus OS
Ensure that all of your devices are protected with the latest version of your preferred antivirus software. Also scheduled regular scans. Install software from official sources only, avoid accessing URLs or OS shared by someone you don't know or fully trust.
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