Here's a thread collecting threads of debunks of Nikola Motors! Contradictory, misleading and false statements are debunked by @Nikola_Truth and me.
This thread is about the badger manufacturing and hydrogen fueling station infrastructure. https://twitter.com/ShadowMusk/status/1277577463896342529?s=20
This is about the presentation of the Nikola One and debunking a lot of myths about fool cells and FCEVs. https://twitter.com/Nikola_Truth/status/1275787537173426176?s=20
Here Trevor's LinkedIn post in which he compares BEVs and FCEVs and states that they are complementary (which they are not) is debunked! https://twitter.com/Nikola_Truth/status/1274818000563175424?s=20
Here I debunked a lot of myths in the SEC filing of Nikola and asked a lot of questions. https://twitter.com/ShadowMusk/status/1276469342146899968?s=20
And here @Nikola_Truth destroys a post of InsideEVs, where a lot of bs is stated. https://twitter.com/Nikola_Truth/status/1276604265067405312?s=20
This thread compares FCEV and BEV cost. FCEVs look really dumb after that thread. https://twitter.com/Nikola_Truth/status/1272954210150121480?s=20
This thread is an actual technical comparison between the Tesla semi-truck and the Nikola FCEV truck. https://twitter.com/Blamblas/status/1267587729199714304?s=20
Very important thread why a lot of people (including me) are criticizing Nikola Motors. https://twitter.com/Nikola_Truth/status/1278317764378271744?s=20
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