a thread about why you should NOT shop at fast fashion stores like romwe and shein and where you can shop instead!
i want to start by saying that i know it’s not possible for everyone to completely cut out fast fashion. this thread is simply to educate and to encourage those who are able to seek out less harmful alternatives to do so.
1: fast fashion factories do not pay their workers a living wage and often use child labor. workers are usually paid 1/4 of the BARE MINIMUM it would cost them to live. the reason your fashion nova jeans are so cheap is because the person sewing them isnt paid enough to eat.
2: fast fashion enforces racism. 80% of textile workers are women of color, and ff exploits their labor to keep them in poverty so that western ceos can get richer. buying a “feminist” t-shirt from forever 21 is ensuring that a woc will remain in poverty
3: fast fashion is greatly harming our environment. 85% of clothing ends up in landfills every year, and ff makes up 10% of global carbon emissions. ff is also the 2nd largest consumer of our water supply, and it pollutes rivers with microplastics.
4: fast fashion tricks you into spending more money. it’s designed for you to value quantity over quality and buy more, so even though the clothes are cheap, you spend more.
it’s really tempting to want a new, cheap outfit for an instagram post, but if you have just a little bit of time, i highly encourage you to think about the real cost of fast fashion. im going to share some alternatives i’ve been using in the past year to slow down my fashion-
but it’s important to remember that the first step is to reduce your clothing consumption. buy high quality clothes and keep them for longer. ask yourself if you really need something before buying it. be creative w a smaller wardrobe instead of buying new pieces constantly!
1: secondhand apps like depop, vinted, or poshmark! these are great places to find cute, brand name clothing that’s good quality and affordable/cheaper than ff. also great if you don’t have the means to physically go to a secondhand shop
2: if you do have secondhand shops near you, two of my favorite chains are buffalo exchange and plato’s closet. buffalo exchange is a great alternative to urban outfitters, and plato’s closet is similar to tj maxx.
3: facebook groups! im in a few groups where people post brand name athletic clothing for sale. i’ve gotten multiple lululemon items for half their normal price
4: conventional thrifting, like goodwill. especially if you have a goodwill outlet store near you, you can find amazing clothes for pennies
end of thread. please consider moving away from fast fashion in any way that you can!
https://twitter.com/loverofminehes/status/1278044836688531462?s=21 another secondhand app!! https://twitter.com/loverofminehes/status/1278044836688531462
help garment workers get paid: https://twitter.com/skeletonjacket/status/1278103808975843328?s=21 https://twitter.com/skeletonjacket/status/1278103808975843328
i completely forgot to add etsy!! etsy stores are a great alternative to ff and amazon https://twitter.com/brendajonas/status/1278166738631380993?s=21 https://twitter.com/brendajonas/status/1278166738631380993
i don’t read italian, but i believe this is a secondhand website based out of italy! https://twitter.com/whiteshadowsxy/status/1278297123403030528?s=21 https://twitter.com/whiteshadowsxy/status/1278297123403030528
i’ve been seeing a lot of comments asking about plus size alternatives so please lmk if anyone has options i can add here. also for non plus size people pls keep in mind when you’re thrifting and wanna buy oversized things +
some plus sized people need to thrift to live and have limited options everywhere. buying clothes closer to your size will help ensure that more plus size people have access to thrifting
PLEASE take a few seconds to sign these petitions to help garment workers https://twitter.com/inyourwarpath/status/1278324690193469442?s=21 https://twitter.com/inyourwarpath/status/1278324690193469442
can’t believe i forgot to mention good on you, but it’s an amazing app that tells whether brands use ethical production, are vegan, etc. https://twitter.com/princessgongju1/status/1278360905408012288?s=21 https://twitter.com/princessgongju1/status/1278360905408012288
was told that reformation and everlane are in fact not as ethical as they claim to be. i’ll try to add some more brands that are sustainable to this thread :) https://twitter.com/seannamariem/status/1278357723818504192?s=21 https://twitter.com/seannamariem/status/1278357723818504192
germany, denmark, and finland: https://twitter.com/whenyouknowyk/status/1278393281416740872?s=21 https://twitter.com/whenyouknowyk/status/1278393281416740872
i cant believe i completely forgot to list clothing rentals as a sustainable alternative. i’ve personally used rent the runway and am subscribed to nuuly. nuuly sends subscribers clothes from UO, free people, anthropologie, etc, for around $90/month and i highly reccomend it!
black owned & sustainable!! https://twitter.com/maxineokpala/status/1278661148007706637?s=21 https://twitter.com/maxineokpala/status/1278661148007706637
check out @loststock_ !! their message: We let consumers buy the products cancelled by major brands directly from factories. For every box of clothes purchased we support a family in Bangladesh for a week with food aid! We ship to UK, US, Ire, OZ and NZ!
i have this muted now so dm me if you have any more additions. also anyone can post this on instagram u don’t have to tag me i keep my instagram private 💕
here’s an amazing thread on plus size options! https://twitter.com/margielxst/status/1279392752036392961?s=21 https://twitter.com/margielxst/status/1279392752036392961
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