..backed by Australia's, arguably the world's, richest woman, Australian Gina Rinehart & her close friend and fellow mining Magnate, Ron Manners, who is on the Board of Atlas. Mannkal provide $6.3 million funds for scholarships for indoctrinating right wing students & send them..
..on Global Internships with all of the main 'Libertarian' Think Tanks in every country in conjunction with the umbrella Organisation, the World Taxpayers Association (WTA) , of which the TaxPayer Alliance is a tiny cog. Mannkal work hand in hand with Dr Barbara Kolm of the ..
..Back to Mannkal, Ron Manners Gina Rinehart worked closely with Dr Barbara Kolm, Dan Hannan & UKIP's Lord Christopher Monckton on a massive, global, Climate Change Denial program. Monckton's insane,Heartland Institute rant to the Vatican in 2015is here ..
..The Heartland Institute has massive finding, in particular from Robert Mercer who has donated $22 million so far https://climateinvestigations.org/who-is-paying-for-heartland-institute-climate-denial-palooza/. Lord Monckton also undertook a manipulation campaign with Manners & Rinehart & encouraged them to control the media
..the number of global right wing Think Tanks & organisations linked to this is vast & I have had to dramatically condense the evidence I have gathered to far, so please keep checking this thread as it will take me weeks, months or even years to collate & post it all coherently.
..the use of the Free Market Roadshow which Kolm instigated in 2008 has enabled massive global funding for indoctrinating 2000+ you, 'future' leaders & installing them in positions of huge global, right wing Libertarian influence, including the IEA & TPA, Atlas, CATO, etc etc. ..
..Chloe Westley herself is a Mannkal Alumni & WAY more influential, scheming & dangerous than Dominic Cummings. Here she is with her close friend & fellow Mankal alumni Olivia Maso who has recently helped create Libertarian documentation which I will post soon,
..Olivia Maso , like Chloe Westley is clearly one of the bright Mannkal stars as she is extremely prominent, and travelled the UK with the TPA's team of public manipulators, to gain support for Matthew & Sarah Elliott/Koch/Atlas/CATO etc's Libertarian agenda. Chloe Westley...
..herself took things a step further- as well as working for 2 Australian Defence Ministers, worked in 2010/2013 as a volunteer for the poorly named Australian 'Liberal'Party, who are more right wing than UK Tories & in 2013 (and possibly 2019? )as Australian election Scrutineer
...A remarkable achievement from Chloe who only graduated Trinity Lutheran College in 2011, then moved to the UK in 2012 to 'study' philosophy at the notorious Heythrop College in London (where Trumps favourite Nazi Sebastian Gorka learned his 'trade' ) .. https://www.tlc.qld.edu.au/news/class-of-2011-alumna-chloe-westley
..& it didnt take long for Chloe to put herself forward at President of Students Union, with a manifesto that shows the 'skills' she used to create the vile Social Media campaign for Vote Leave. I will post more of Chloe's shocking work soon for you all. https://vote4chloe.wordpress.com/ 
..Mannkal, Ron Manners, Gina Rinehart, Christopher Monckton together with Chloe Westley, Matthew & Sarah Elliott, Grover Norquist, Dan Hannan, Doug Carswell, Olivia Maso etc & all the global Far Right Libertarians, do not want to just subdue Socialism, they want to ANNIHILATE it
This is a TINY fraction of what I have uncovered . I will be adding more to this thread as soon as I can but its so difficult with my total the lack of resources & if you want me to really dissect it, I'm going to have to find a way to survive while doing this & I will need help
..before I take a much needed break, please watch this & ask yourselves HOW Chloe has not been removed as head of 10 Downing Street Press Office? Not least as she's UNDOUBTEDLY feeding inside info to the Australian Govt AND people shorting UK Currency https://order-order.com/people/chloe-westley/
..Please BOOKMARK this thread & keep checking back as I am able to add more info/evidence.

Thank you all and SHARE AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE to ALL MPs, Journos and Political 'experts' , its ABSOLUTELY CRUICIAL that Chloe is sacked TOMORROW, and I think this photo speaks for itself
Here is the World Taxpayers Associations Handbook to basically annihilate Socialism and destroy global stability and regulations INCLUDING CLIMATE CHANGE https://twitter.com/BettGunther/status/1277241492323602434?s=20
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