😯 What's with the Masonic checkerboard pottery on the shelves, Chachi? @mamazilli @Tantiana703 @Qgirl2020 @genxstan @justthinkit @flissdesigns @debibug @KikiTBird https://twitter.com/ScottBaio/status/1276680780517797890
WOW! Black eye club member now, Chachi? I eat pasta, too, but never got a black eye because of it. JS https://twitter.com/keiths_pencil/status/1273296220828561408?s=20
GREAT SCOTT! #TwitterTimeMachine #WalkerforPres https://twitter.com/ScottBaio/status/575482532172451840?s=20
👀Memba that time when Chachi was on the Candace Owens show? You really have to listen to Chachi attempt to explain how he got involved with the 2016 campaign. 🤮
🧐👇 Did you know? Brian Glicklich (left), a"crisis management consultant" hired by Jeffrey Epstein during the Prince Andrew underage sex allegations debacle, was also hired by Scott Baio in defense of sexual abuse allegations by Nicole Eggert? Source: https://politicalnewstime.com/index.php/2019/12/03/the-link-between-the-claims-against-scott-baio-sextrafficking-allegations-against-prince-andrew/
🧐👇 Was this 2016 ReTweet by @realDonaldTrump the first spotlight on Chachi? While quoted portion in Tweet is favorable, listen closely to the rest. "It's not that I am discounting Ted Cruz or John Kasich, and I like them both." - Scott Baio https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/717189147497091072?s=20
🧐👇 Tweet by 🎅 the first spotlight on Chachi? #Friends #POTUS45 #SCOTUS #PermanentNiceList #ThreesCompany https://twitter.com/bigredwavenow/status/1088974552015634432?s=20
🧐👇HOLY 💩, Batman! @bigredwavenow. Chachi shares a pic of the Incredibles phone; Santa ReTweets post & says the #Batphone is Cool Too. View Chachi's full pic & it shows Gone With The Wind movie poster. (creepy lamp, btw)
🧐👇 Holy 💥, Batman! The next day, @realDonaldTrump Tweets about "incredible Border Patrol" at 5:16 PM. @bigredwavenow responds 19 minutes later at 5:35! That's Incredible!
🧐👇 Why is this incredible? What movie was just removed from HBO, NETFLIX, Amazon, etc...????
🧐👇 Was @bigredwavenow signaling to us a couple of things here? Great Picture, meaning Chachi went off script at the 2016 Convention and said, "Let's make America America again", instead of emphasizing Make America Great Again? Also, are Renee and Scott even married? I ask...
🧐👇 because Scott & "Renee" were "married" by the Officiant Guy (Chris Robinson) for Scott's "reality show". Robinson (an attorney) has been used to perform mock weddings, even at the Playboy Mansion, where Scott & "Renee" originally met in 1998. Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/7/prweb10982919.htm
🧐👇DYK? Peaches Renee Sloan is a stripper/stage name, & that "Renee's" real name is Tammy Prater? (Peaches Renee left) Other searches revealed that "Renee" has also done lesbian porn back in the early 2000's. I'll refrain from posting those pics. Source: http://www.iclassifiedsnetwork.com/contentitem/71809/1259/playboy-bunny-embroiled-in-local-custody-battle
🧐👇 Do you ever experience a deja vu moment while researching? I do, & it's no different in this case. Screenshots are worth 1,000 words and a YUGE WTF?!. #TrueColors Thank you @bigredwavenow for "showing us" the way. #NoCoincidences #ThesePeopleAreEvil #ThesePeopleAreSick
🧐👇 Did you know that #FelonFlynn and Mrs. Scott Baio share the same birthday? Coincidence?
🧐👇 WOW! No shit! Both #FelonFlynn and Chachi have their own online "Army" of trolls...many of whom overlap. Both men have been "exonerated"? Really? Coincidence? #NotMyGeneral #NoOneShouldLoveChachi #Liars #BirdsofaFeather
🧐👇 Is it also a coincidence that No Name and Mrs. Baio both broke news of their brain tumors (within months of each other) to deflect from other bad news releases surrounding each of them? Both were treated at the Mayo Clinic. Who was on BOD of Mayo Clinic? - Q
🧐👇 Chachi post earlier this year showing items in his junk drawer, and stating Mrs. Baio found VP presidential cufflinks given to him by George Bush. Main photo I see Disney, 23, Expiration dates blacked out on Renee's SAG cards...wonder why? #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall
🧐👇 Santa tagging Scott and Antonio in a post that has Get on the Permanent Nice List and Sign the petition to #SaveTheChildren. 😮 RutRoh! What did you do? Santa sees all.
🧐👇 Follow the white rabbit. Fonzi wore a rabbit suit as an initiation into the Leopard Lodge (secret club) on finale of Happy Days.
🧐👇 This is hilarious, because Santa was definitely watching all year. To the #BatPhone. #VeryInteresting
🧐👇 Did you know? Baio, Sabato Jr. and Flynn all gave remarks on the first day of the 2016 Republican Convention? AND, on the third day of the convention, a video The Plan Is Real was on the schedule? #TrustThePlan #Q
Source: https://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/rnc-2016-schedule-of-events-and-speakers-225704
🧐👇 Speaking of Sabato Jr. - Did you know that he, just like #Flem, was a lifelong Democrat? He was eligible to vote in 1992, and proceeded to vote for Clinton twice, as well as BHO.

Variety Article Source: https://variety.com/2020/politics/features/antonio-sabato-jr-donald-trump-republican-hollywood-1203521208/

Wiki Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Sab%C3%A0to_Jr.
🧐👇 Is it any coincidence that Baio and Sabato Jr. have both lamented about being "blacklisted" in HW following their support of #PresidentT in 2016? Were these has-been actors turned "reality show" hacks riding the Don's coattails as a way to infiltrate the conservative base...
🧐👇 Woe is me, Antonio Sabato Jr....just a lowly model for Pirata Della Strada. The FACE of the brand. Just look at his profile pic...it has the brand's logo. Source: https://piratadellastrada.com/ 
🧐👇 Sabato Jr.'s acting hasn't completely dried up as he would have us believe. Films he has completed (as of 2019). "Santa In Training", a movie telling the story of a deadbeat dad being trained by elves to take over the role of a retiring 🎅! Source https://bocaratonobserver.com/culture/features/politics-aside/
😂👇 There is room for only ONE Santa, and that is @bigredwavenow, or Kurt Russell in the Christmas Chronicles. You just can't make this shit up.
🧐👇 “I had to sell everything,” Sabato told Variety. “I had to pay all my debts. I was blacklisted. All my representatives left me, from agents to managers to commercial agents. I literally had to move, find a new job to survive and take care of my kids. It’s been terrible."
🧐👇 Yes, poor Antonio had to sell everything (sound familiar?), and move to Clearwater, FL. He now works for C&C Concrete Pumping as an account manager. Concrete?🧐 https://ccconcretepumping.com/home-new/ 
🧐👇 Antonio is also involved in philanthropy via Best Buddies International, founded by Anthony Kennedy Shriver. The organization is active in each of the 50 states & operates accredited international programs in 56 countries and territories. Source https://www.bestbuddies.org/about-us/anthony-k-shriver/
😮👇 In 2019, Antonio was awarded Best Buddies Palm Beach Champion of the Year Gala. 💥👀 Watch the water. #Q #SantaKnew #SantaThug #SAVETHECHILDERN #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide Source 👇 https://www.palmbeachillustrated.com/event/best-buddies-palm-beach-champion-of-the-year-gala/
🧐👇 From Israel National News: ""I am Jewish by blood," Sabato proudly declared, his last name actually the same as that of a well-known Israeli rabbi and prize-winning author.

How were you able to vote for Clinton in 1992, Antonio? Source👇 http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/22423
🧐👇 For the sake of similarity, Baio stands with Israel. Pic taken at 2017 Liberty Ball.
🧐👇 Another #Flem supporter.
😯👇 Found footage from 1987 when "Charles" was still in charge.

😡👇 More found recordings, this short clip from 2007 during Howard Stern Show. Chachi loved him some Nicole, and a lot more. #Nonce #BaioWatch #FakeHimToo #Liar
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