Mini-thread: Mesley's note mentioning the French book title suggests that she had a very cunning PR person working with her. The content of the book has literally nothing to do with Bill 21 and her mentioning it will create a frenzy in French media.
I'm sure that's not even the second time in recent history she said that word, so why mention it? Because it will distract and confuse the issue, aided by Quebec distinct society analysts who will fully obscure what she has been reprimanded for.
With so few English journalists who understand Quebec, there will be very few people who will be able to resist this narrative. Mesley worked here for years. She knows this. It's an incredible play.
Already, Quebec's highest profile anchor is defending her, as if she had been disciplined over that.

Worth noting that Bill 21 passed last June. It was debated the two months before that. It doesn't make much sense that this sort of convo happened in October.
Sorry ... September, not October.
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