Not so much an #EpsteinAssociate but definitely a #WexnerAssociate, Craig Tafoya captained Wexner's yacht Limitless for 4 years, spending 11 prior years building, researching/development on the project before that.

As the great @LincolnsBible says YACHTS! 
315ft yacht Limitless was officially built in 1997 by German ship maker Lürssen.
Jon Bannenberg, famous yacht designer, not only designed the Limitless, but also the Nabila for arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, which later was purchased by Trump.
Bannenberg died in 2002 of a brain tumor, his son carries on his tradition of yacht design to this day. 

Bannenberg and Tafoya are both in Epstein's black book.
Here's Tafoya waxing poetic about the "Trump Princess"
According to him, Ghislaine loved to brag about the Limitless yacht but never actually boarded it, she just liked the status symbol that it carried. Not sure I believe that but alright...
Here's Tafoya commenting an a rape case involving another yacht where the victim, a deckhand, was awarded a 70 million dollar payout.

He hears things...I wonder what other things he heard during his time captaining Limitless?🤔
And in a bit of a cosmic twist, the lawyer who represented that Woman in the above rape case? One Brad Edwards, who represents multiple Epstein victims.
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