Y'all following me are probably leftists already. So idk if I'm going to keep RTing videos of police brutality. I don't think I need to share suffering to try and spur people to action anymore. Most folks I can reach thru here know what to do and ate doing it already. (1/3)
Instead I think I'll try and focus on trying to share actions , resources, and moments of #BlackJoy . I let myself fall into a trap of only sharing pain because it has power to move people. But those hurt are more than their pain. (2/3)
And I need to do better and let myself be spurred to action by joy. I'm sorry that I was among so many who only really started moving because of great, unignorable trauma. But I'm not gonna allow myself to be that anymore. Especially because y'all already know what to do. (3/3)
(this turned into a thread when I didn't mean it to, whoops. I hope it doesn't come across as preachy. It's just been on my mind)
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