25 June 2020 - #MAGAanalysis #PardonFlynnNow

Why you don't like the idea of a pardon, and why you're wrong. It's understandable, but you're wrong.

Come on now, slow your mind down from its racing. Think slowly, carefully. Let go of the urgent pressures of the moment. Step back.
2) By the way, it's just after midnight, and I don't usually post my threads about now. But, tomorrow's schedule is already jammed up, and I can't let this moment slip past. It is time to pardon Flynn now. As in, right now. No more waiting. Waiting is now 100% wrong.
3) Don't mistake me. I'm NOT saying that a pardon is in the offing. It may be, but if so, I'm not privy. No I suspect no such hope is on the horizon, and more's the pity. Let's get down to it. Why don't you like the idea of a pardon? The reasons, we now know, are clear.
4) Wrongly, you think a pardon means the admission of guilty. Wrongly, you think a pardon is a type of crony corruption, only done on the last days of a final term when there will be no repercussions. Wrongly, you think pardons break the system of justice. All wrong.
5) I've outlined all this repeatedly, and walked through the history, but here we are, in yet again another historical moment. Let's talk about that, about right now. Follow the bouncing ball here...
6) The Mueller Investigation - which was always a criminal conspiracy from the get go - in collusion with Flynn's defense team, a consulting member of whom is Eric Holder - talks Flynn into believing he signed his FARA registration wrongly, making him a liar. So, he confesses.
7) Didn't confess the way they wanted him to, though, as he refused to state he lied with full knowledge and will. He did not. He states so. The prosecution - the Mueller Investigation's team - goes ballistic. Somewhere in there, Flynn fires Holder's firm, Covington Burling.
8) Somewhere in there, Flynn hires the Amazon @SidneyPowell1. She gets stuff done. What do we find? Evidence all over the place - called Brady material - proving Flynn's 100% innocence. What else do we find? A judge off the rails. We go slow over him again.
9) Sullivan, who presided over Senator Ted Stevens false conviction, thereby losing him his Senate seat, also presided over Stevens exoneration, far too late to do anything about his lost Senate seat. What a great guy. That story alone tells us how completely bent Sullivan is.
10) A few years go by and Rudy Contreras, a bosom buddy of Strzok and Page, accepts Flynn's guilty plea, extorted from him by his own defense counsel, and immediately recuses himself after that. No problem there. No media focus or analysis there. No problem.
11) Contreras is replaced by Sullivan. And Sullivan instantly reveals his absolute prejudice and bias against Flynn. He calls him a traitor in court. From the bench. No problem. He should have been defrocked for that, but no problem. No one cares.
12) Let's stop there, and look at the big picture. The big picture is the big lie. A revered judge can't be bought or bent. It doesn't matter if he breaches his oath of office, he's still a judge. Nothing can be done. He is green lighted for any action he wishes. No problem.
13) But obviously, there is a problem, and it's a big one. It is so big that expecting the judiciary to police itself is, oh yes, the proverbial fox protecting the hen house. And here's where psychology comes in. False beliefs. Fantasies from our childhoods. Lost illusions.
14) How much more data does America need before it sees that Judge Sullivan is as twisted as a pretzel, or a chain made out of pretzels. He's bent. He's corrupt. He is failing the law. He doesn't believe in or apply the law. He is a political operative. When will we see this?
15) America, we're still gullible. We still see the judge as the representation of the law that we love. That this judge breaks the law every day with impunity does not compute. We are in denial. We can't see the truth. The judge is bent, but we're not saying that.
16) Here's another problem. We're not so good with concepts anymore. We are a nation that was founded upon Enlightenment Concepts. We fought a revolution over these concepts. But today, we've pretty much lost them. What is a right? Is the opposite of a wrong?
17) What are unalienable rights? Are they rights that cannot come from Mars, or outer space aliens? Not owning our own concepts, we are the slaves of images. Judge Sullivan sits in a black robe behind a high bench, in a court. He IS the law, in his person. No concept required.
18) Believing naively in the law, and in the court and its presiding judge, we want Flynn EXONERATED. The almighty court grants that he did no wrong, and we breathe a sigh of relief. It was legal. It was not...wait for it...EXTRA-LEGAL, which is what we wrongly think a pardon is.
19) I've realized that we need to understand something we've completely missed. There are times, friends, when the instruments of justice are completely turned into the instruments of injustice. There are times when the power of law is corrupted. Law practiced as crime.
20) I say to you that Judge Sullivan is a criminal presiding over a court of law. He commits crimes every damned day. But no one says so. After all, he's a judge. He can't be a mere criminal...can he?
21) It should be obvious that it's not just Judge Sullivan. Obama, AG Lynch, Comey, Brenna, Clapper...the list goes on and on. They are all simple criminals, protected by the loving embrace of the Swamp, as supported by American naivete. We're suckers and they know it.
22) Here's another concept for you. A system. Systems are simply things that have parts, where the parts combine to create a whole that is, no, not greater than the parts, per se, but different from them. A system, as a whole, demonstrates capabilities not found in any part.
23) There is a criminal system running America. Trump has tried, with varying degrees of success and failure, to rein in this powerful system. But, he can't do it by himself. We must join and help him. We must realize the depths of the system's reach and power.
24) And that brings us back to the so-unpopular idea of a pardon. The first shift you must make, if you wish to admit how wrong you are and correct yourself, is to reframe pardon into the idea of an executive power. In fact, the ultimate executive power.
25) I'll pick up on that, but let's first go back one more time to the courts, and this vile, corrupt judge. The purpose of the courts is to administer justice before law. It is their job to weigh in on disputes at law. Cases and controversies. They adjudicate them.
26) But what happens when the courts, charged with the responsibility and empowered beyond your wildest imagination, become corrupt? How do you handle a corrupt court, a court judicial system? Who might we imagine could counter such infinite legal power, once corrupted?
27) Judges, justices, do not fall under the same democratic loyalty to the masses of our nation. They are insulated against them. A SCOTUS Justice is nominated, and if confirmed by the Senate, holds a lifetime appointment. No democracy or vote may dislodge him.
28) His is the LEAST democratically influenced post in our entire federal apparatus. He floats high above the vote, and in so many cases, high above the law itself, for which he is the charged custodian. And when he is corrupt...who will hold him to account?
29) Structurally, the answer is the Congress, with its power of impeachment. This simply never works. SCOTUS justices, such as Scalia, must be executed by assassination if you wish to remove them for your purposes. Other than that, they are untouchable.
30) And what we've learned is that District Court Judges such as Sullivan enjoy the same essential immunity. Sullivan floats high above the law. No one has the power to hold him to account for his daily crimes. Well, not no one, but almost.
31) Picture a triangle. Congress, Judiciary, Executive. Picture rock, paper, scissors. Each in its own way holds the other to account. And, when it comes to the judiciary at its most egregious corruption, the one power most greatly founded to affect correction is the executive.
32) Stick tight. If you're a Swamp creature, protected by a corrupt judiciary, what's the last thing you want? It is for POTUS to employ his power of pardon, pardon for innocence. You're so scared of that you've wiped out the public's knowledge that it's even a thing.
34) You just might, you know, in the special case of egregious prosecutorial misconduct, want to hame someone with the power of pardon hanging around in order to protect the innocent against a corrupt judiciary. I know, that's a lot of concepts to manipulate in mind.
35) I know you want this to be simple. I know you have infinite patience for the slow wheels of justice to turn. I don't, but you do. Okay. But, what if after all that time we still end up with a corrupt outcome? What then?
36) So, as I always do, I say...

Please, Mr. @POTUS,
#PardonFlynnNow by a

Why? Because Sullivan is corrupt, and so is the system that safeguards him and haunts Flynn and you too, Mr. President.
37) We're told that steel sharpens steel. Perhaps it takes a President to sharpen a Judiciary, a bent Judiciary. Maybe it takes an innocent man's case that the courts cannot, will not dismiss, no matter how great the forces are demanding the dismissal.
38) Please hear me when I tell you, I'll stop yammering about a pardon when I see the judiciary behaving judiciously. I haven't seen it yet. I haven't seen it yet. I was thrilled with this morning's announcement. That joy did not survive the day.
39) By the time the sun fell beneath the horizon, I'd already jettisoned my joy. Okay, it was a bit after sunset, but you get my meaning. Let's talk a few specifics.
40) My friend @TPCLJ keeps explaining that Judge Sullivan is not a "respondent" to this case, but that he was granted that status by the appeals court. Ask her about it. My wife @KateScopelliti tells me the appellate court said it "partially" disagreed with Sullivan.
41) So as I understand it so far, the appellate court has kicked this back to Sullivan, who has now suspended all further proceedings without time frame. The very question of what's next is completely - as far as I can tell - in limbo.
42) Who can help me with this? Isn't there something in the Bill of Rights about a speedy trial? If so, then how can it not be seen that General Flynn's Constitutional rights were utterly obliterated long, long ago? How will that be remedied? Who's accountable for that?
43) The reason, I purport, that President Trump is always advised against pardoning is this. His advisers do NOT respect his power. They are not for him, or for America. They are for themselves, not us. I put forward that America needs this pardon, and it need to wait no more.
44) Let's take back the word. Let's remember what it meant to be pardoned from the dinner table, back when pardon was NOT a bad thing. Let's grant our POTUS the full and free use of his greatest and most powerful tool. His function was designed to do just so.
45) As I always say, I would love nothing more than to be wrong. I thought I was, earlier today. I thought exoneration was complete. Sadly, it was not. Happily, there is the perfect tool to redress this wrong.

#PardonFlynnNow by a
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