We recently worked with @AAMRI_Aus to develop a guide to support #MedicalResearchers in amplifying critical information via #DigitalPlatforms during #COVID19. In this thread, we have shared some of our insights from the guide.
For those of you who would like to access our full guide co-created with @AAMRI_Aus, you download it via: https://aamri.org.au/news-events/guide-social-media-for-medical-research-institutes-during-covid-19/
Acknowledging #COVID19 is imperative. Ignoring the virus online may raise questions about how your institute is handing the pandemic and your institute's connection to the wider world of research. #SciComms #hcsm
Research institutes should consider the current global #COVID19 climate when celebrating published papers or an important positive milestone. Overly celebratory language may not be suitable given the global context. Remember, #SocialMedia has no borders. #SciComms #hcsm
#COVID19 has reinforced the importance of treading lightly when using humour on #SocialMedia. This is particularly important given the global nature of social media. Misinterpreting the emotional tone of the global audience at this time may come across as insensitive.
More than ever, institutes should consider their use of appropriate language & terminology online to ensure their content is accessible to a broader than normal audience. #COVID19 has generated a more diverse online audience for medical research institutes.
The strategic use of #hashtags during #COVID19 is critical, especially if wanting to leverage localised hashtags e.g. #coronavirusaustralia. Getting the #hashtag right & finding ones most suitable to your community is key & may require you to adjust your current hashtag strategy.
Managing your online community is vital during #COVID19. Your organisation must ensure a set of approved responses to issues as they may emerge or turn into a crisis to allow for a more rapid #CommunityManagement response.
This guide was created with the intent to help our medical research community amplify their research & navigate the #COVID19 dialogue on social media. It was co-created with @AAMRI_Aus. Download the full guide via: https://aamri.org.au/news-events/guide-social-media-for-medical-research-institutes-during-covid-19/ #SocialMedia #SciComms
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