1/ George Soros has pledged $1 billion to stop “nationalism” in response to the people of India finally ousting a family dynasty political party with a resounding majority vote for Modi twice. The Congress Party led India down a path of decades of religions extremism & corruption
2/ India is home to the oldest continuous civilization on our planet, that of Sanatan Dharma & Vedic tradition of Hinduism & other Dharmic faiths Buddhism, Jainism & Sikhism. But some have vested interested in India. People with huge capital investments in agenda driven projects.
3/ One vested interests is the Catholic Church & multiple Christian churches & organizations. They invest billions in India every year. The reason, Christianity has one big project they feel they must complete, stamp out polytheism wherever it exists. Their "unfinished task".
4/ Christians feel it is their mission to end Hinduism & convert Hindus. It’s 2020, Christians still see it as their duty to convert the “heathens” the polytheists & pagans. They’re open about it. You can find multiple examples of Christians demonizing Hinduism, even in schools.
5/ Then we have Islam. Islam created more death & destruction for Hindus than anything else. Through Islamic invasion, some 80 million Hindus were slaughtered. Thousands of Temples destroyed, schools & universities burned, ancient texts lost, human history erased.
7/ 1921, Malabar riots. What was supposed to be a Kalifat movement against the British ended up being a riot against Hindus. This article gives first hand accounts & shows another problem in India, corrupt politics trying to change history to appease Islam https://swarajyamag.com/ideas/the-moplah-revolt-separating-fact-from-fiction
8/ 1947 where the entire homeland of all Dharmic faiths was ripped apart for Islam. Why? Muslims could not accept their Hindu brothers & sisters & fellow human beings & demanded freedom from Hindus. Approx 2 million died in that bloody partition. What if it was your country?
9/ India was divided, Pakistan & East Pakistan for Islam & India for all. But in India they crafted a constitution with broken secularism catering to Islam & Christianity. Muslims broke India for Islam, but many muslims stayed in India. Today in protests they call to do it again.
10/ 1971, East Pakistan, went to war w/ Pakistan. Pakistan Army launched Operation Searchlight. The mission kill Hindus still living in East Pakistan. 2 million Hindus were slaughtered, countless women raped, and approx 10 million fled to India as refugees to escape death.
11/ 1971-1990, the focus now shifts to Kashmir where Pakistan is infiltrating & instigating Islamic terrorism & starting separatists movements. Pakistan wants Kashmir & they want Hindus out. They want to break India again for Islam. Kashmir is ancient Hindu homeland.
12/ 1990, final ethnic cleansing of the Hindus of Kashmir. Mosque loudspeaker blaring through the valley, “leave, convert or die”. They commenced to kill the Hindus of Kashmir causing their exodus. 400,000 Hindu refugees. https://twitter.com/AdityaRajKaul/status/1195099029111267330
13/ These are just some of the major events of persecution and genocide against Hindus in India by Islam, There are many more, genocides & riots. Because of corrupt politics in India, when riots did happen against Hindus, they were historically blamed on Hindus. Appeasement.
14/ Here is a more complete list. When I used the figure of 80 million Hindus slaughtered in the Islamic invasion period earlier, that is the low conservative estimate. Millions more were shipped away as slaves. Women raped. https://twitter.com/bharatputra101/status/1258396103143305222
15/ The world stays silent, no demand the killing & persecution of Hindus stop. Instead, they made Muslims victims. Most Muslims & Christians vote left, left political parties protect their votes by appeasement. The Persecution & Killing of Hindus in South Asia continues.
16/ This chart shows which groups cause violence & killings. The media will have you believe it’s Hindus, it’s not. It is Islam, Christianity & Communism. Yes, even Christians. They have a separatist movement trying to break off a chunk of India for themselves called Nagaland.
17/ Soros & others like him align with the Democrats in the U.S. These same Democrats, also align with Islam, Pakistan & that family dynasty political party in India, the Congress Party. Soros is just one of the monied interests that play a part in actions like this.
18/ Media, Hollywood, all aligned w/ Democrats play a part. They spread propaganda against the victims of centuries of persecution & genocide at the hands of followers of Islam. The same ones who can’t live with Hindus & shattered Hindus homeland. Ones that call to do it again.
19/ Soros & those like him are financial backers of the Democrats & their political movements & agendas, even in foreign countries, to effect change, even regime change. Internal rebellion, chaos, riots and revolution. Now they do it in America.
20/ Soros is financially backing chaos in India & he did so in Ukraine and multiple other countries. He was active in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian government launched an investigation into his activities but they hit a road block . . .
22/ The Democrats want back into power. We have chaos on the streets. Same kind of chaos you see in other countries like India, Ukraine & many more when Soros is "helping" the left into power. I'm a lifelong Democrat, but I can no longer vote for them. They have gone too far.
23/ Back to India. Countries that currently spread propaganda against India through their media & left political parties. United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and many others. "It's a big club. . ."
24/ You’ll see a trend here. The propaganda is coming from the left political parties & media in India & in western nations as well as from Islamic States, Nations and Islamic Republics & their media. Pretty much the entire nation of Islam.
25/ There is something called a red/green axis. This is real. This is an alliance between leftists/socialists/marxists so left political parties and Islam. It has become a part of every western nation. It has been a part of India for decades and you see the chaos India has faced
26/ So the next time you see that media demonizing India, Modi, Hindus, Hindu Nationals, Hindutva. Ask yourself. Is this real or is this propaganda for political/religious agendas. I guarantee it will be the later. I have seen far too many examples.
27/ In propaganda against India they claim fascism, Nazi, Hitler. The Germans/Nazis were Christians, but Hitler admired Islam considering Christians weak. One of Hitlers biggest admirers was those following Islam. They loved Hitlers solution for the Jews. https://twitter.com/Aabhas24/status/1162326340885864448
28/ Ask yourself. After over 2,000 years of Abrahamic faiths of Islam & Christianity persecuting & or killing our fellow human beings over religion, do you want it to continue. Do you care enough for your fellow human beings to speak up? Where is humanity? https://twitter.com/MycoJonathan/status/1274712669287677952
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