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If 90% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years, something must be off with the way people build them

Assuming nobody plans to fail, what is wrong with all those above-average individuals that choose a life of struggle in the pursuit of their dreams… and FAIL?
(Starting a business implies, at least, above-average courage. Massive KUDOS to anybody willing to improve the world through their vision & effort)
There are multiple explanations for this failure, but the one that hurts the most is lacking a "fire prevention mindset"

A lack of anticipation of failure

A lack of foresight
Most entrepreneurs (that I know of) pride themselves in being excellent fire-extinguishers when, in reality, they shouldn't ever touch or feel the heat

They should prevent it from happening, at all costs, on all fronts.
Mistakes occur, but with the proper fire prevention techniques, the fireball is easy and fast to exhaust whenever it appears

We should all be in the Fire Prevention Department.
So, how do we do it? What are these "fire-prevention techniques", really?

On the business side, "fire-prevention techniques" relate to conducting a forensic analysis of how a business works, and proceed with its subsequent systematization ASAP
Since a company is a machine that leverages subsystems (sales, marketing, finance) to create profit, a complete definition of all the relevant processes, systems, and causal relationships of a company's subsystems is the fastest way to engineer a successful outcome = more $$$
If you do the above correctly, you won't spend your time "extinguishing fires", but "preventing them". Exceptional events like a pandemic don't affect you too much because:

You have the appropriate cash reserves to hedge the uncertainty, for instance
On the personal side, "fire-prevention techniques" imply cultivating a careful understanding of the "System of You," and embodying the best version of your Self you can accept at all moments.
Since you are a complex system, just like a business, the process is analogous:

- Mapping out all the relevant variables that affect your performance
- Creating optimal neural pathways to ensure 100% effectiveness
- Defaulting to optimal setups every time things get rough
If you do this correctly, you won't spend your time "extinguishing fires," but "preventing them." As a result:

- You never suffer burnout because you identify the causes of chronic stress before they can harm you
- You enjoy work to the fullest because it is the vehicle you use to create meaning. You wouldn't be doing anything else at any moment

- You seldom make cognitive mistakes, because you operate from a "slightly-elevated position" that provides the necessary perspective
If you do the above right (business & personal systematization), your success rate is 100%. When you achieve this, the only distance between your wildest goals and you will be the time to necessary time to accomplish them

Want proof?
Look at what @elonmusk is doing with SpaceX

Do you have any doubt whatsoever that he will manage to get to Mars?

Of course, you don't. It may take 10 or 25 years, but he will get there

Such is the power of being able to systematize your best performance.
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