Thread time, baby! 🥳
Bloody hell though, this video is 2 and a quarter hours long, so I’m going to be here for a while!
This first clip is a handy little contents page for you all. Enjoy!
[Bring it on!]
‘It’s a... a single re... it’s a... it’s a... re... single essentially... it’s a duel speed but it... umm... but a single... between low and high’
Wow, and I though Elon’s speech could get rough!
Wow, this is really encouraging! 🤣
I don’t remember any of Tesla’s prototypes being this bad of a rush job!
This all but confirms claims that Nikola Motors very quickly had to come up with a truck after Worthington backed out of the Nat Gas deal with Nikola.
Spoiler alert: Ryder has ended their partnership with Nikola Motors. Everything in this segment is pretty much null now.
This was after just two questions. 🤣🤣🤣
When asked about how Nikola will ensure production quality, this is Trevor’s response:
Looks like he has no idea what’s going on lol 😂
Next bit is with Meritor. They are a legit company and by what I’ve heard from @InsiderNikola, they did a great job.
😬😬😬 13 seconds of this 😂
Auto Lube? Tell me more! 😲💦
God damn it, Jason! 🤣
That’s not what I call a ‘Canadian spread’ 😏
I get that he’s no Elon Musk, but really? *You don’t understand pressure?* That’s got to be one of the most basic equations out there!
So much for running circles round PhDs! 🤣😂🤣😂😂
$NKLA investors are you happy to be led by this caveman?
This is Nikola’s equivalent of Franz Holzhausen. Yeah, Franz is definitely a lot cooler!
Trevor: ‘I’m going to make a zero emission truck company!’
Steve: ‘You might say I’ve got gasoline in my blood’
*What the fuck is wrong with this guy?*
Why do you want to see a mangled-ass dead deer?
Seriously, *what the fuck?*
No! No! ... No!
2.3MW is an amount of power. That’s current x voltage. You can’t have a current x voltage of *Lithium*!
Even if he did say MWh, Lithium is not measured in MWh. Lithium is a raw material in a battery, not a battery itself!
Does this guy know anything?
Damn, Sophia (or Sofia?), you go girl! 👊🏻
This is pretty surreal after hearing Mercedes is giving up on hydrogen and a lot of others are following suit.
Wow, you can go from San Diego to Lake Tahoe! That’s awesome!

I wonder how far you can go with silly old Teslas.

*checks notes*

Sophia/Sofia: ‘how do you make sure the hydrogen cars are safe in a car crash’
This guy: ‘yes’

Really? Is that all you have to say? There is zero explanation as to how they’re ‘more safe’, you’ve just asserted that they are!
0 out of 10 for trying! 👎🏻
This is bullshit! According to @InsiderNikola, Nikola’s Nat Gas partner pulled out and left Nikola for dead, forcing them to reinvent as a clean tech company.
There’s *no way* Trevor ‘saw the light’ after working for years in Nat Gas. And that noise argument is pure bullshit!
Next section is very technical and very boring, ngl. Why they felt the need to give every supplier a speech is beyond me. Info on the website would do just fine.

Anyway, it’s the advanced features next so hopefully that will be a bit more interesting.
It does? Then where the hell is it? It seems Nikola’s autonomy is as real as their competitive advantage. 🤣

Well, I guess that’s just one more thing to add to the list of lies. Nikola has zero autonomy strategy whatsoever. Wages are a huge cost. No company will opt to pay them.
Tesla has been able to do this without needing unreliable facial recognition. Even better, Tesla owners can do it completely remotely so all the climate controls can be ready *before* you approach the vehicle.
Some great ideas here! I wonder if anyone else has come up with this?

Ah, of course, the other half of my name. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Tesla does all of this *in-app* so there’s no need for the weird facial recognition surveillance melarky.

This is such a pointless gimmick imo.
This is all well and good but the customer will be the one footing that bill. Without autonomy, this isn’t a big advantage to the customer. And given that Nikola has no autonomy, I’d say they’re fucked!
No, Trevor, this is not how anything works. Autonomy inevitably eliminates jobs, otherwise it’s not very advantageous. Even in your false perception that truckers get paid more, that just means the company has lower margins, and trucking margins are already pretty slim.
10 years?! I know they’ve scrapped in-house autonomy now but 10 years is far too long! Tesla will have done it in half that time from the date of Nikola’s video. Again, a non-autonomous Nikola truck costs more than double per mile than an autonomous Semi.
Next bit talks about OTA updates and how that can eventually help with repair logistics. Trevor said the truck could email the station operators if it needed a new part, which just sounded ridiculous.
Either way, they're just copying Tesla, which is not a dumb idea.
Someone asked him how he plans to deal with Meth dealers! 🤣🤣🤣
Then someone asked about female drivers. Trevor says the camera system will help their safety. For some reason, Nikola feels they need 21 cameras!

And btw, Tesla won't have this problem once FSD eliminates all drivers.
‘Electricity’s free... comes from our hydrogen’
What!? No! This isn’t at all how things work. Honestly, I can’t even with this guy!
And we're done!
This video was very dull. No, I'm not getting those hours back and no, you're crying.

Still, this was never meant to be entertaining so it did what it said on the tin I guess.

Here's the vid if you've got two hours to kill:
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