OK, it's late, but new #COVID19 numbers are in and it's damned grim.
First, the global view.
9,240,398 cases tallied with nearly a half million deaths.
2,346,950 of those cases are in the USA.

Deaths, cases, hospitalizations are all going the wrong way now in the USA. If anybody imagined it was safe to reopen sports, beaches, indoor eateries, amid #COVID19 , well data is saying no.
Sure, there was an apparent dip in #COVID19 cases in the US in early June, but that reflected declines in NY, CT, NJ. Lurking below the radar was a huge burden of post-Memorial Day Weekend frolicking in States like TX, AZ, FL, CA.
At the local level, places like Harris County, Texas opened up just about every kind of business and entertainment in June, and now hospitals are starting to fill. It's not "just" #COVID19 test results; it's human beings sick in hospital beds.
The differences in #COVID19 trends by US region are stark. Where social distancing policies have largely been observed, as in the NE, cases are declining. But where States rushed to reopen, cases are soaring. It won't be long, before the South surpasses NE's mid-April peak.
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