Thread. Listen fam, I’m going to be sicker than I already am after publishing this but I have to. You’ll understand why.

The execution by cops of black men can not be blamed on one person; it is systemic.

The cops however, hired someone who it seems was hired to help turn cops
2. into sociopaths.

His name is Dave Grossman. He’s teaching cops across the nation how to murder people without remorse.

Photo credit: Insider “Do Not Resist”

Article title: “One of America's most popular police trainers is teaching officers how to kill”
3. “He focuses on a concept he's dubbed "killology," or the study of killing, and uses it to teach officers to kill with less hesitation.”

Dave owns the website licensed on this domain. It’s his brand.
4. This guy has a selling point for his government sponsored, cop audience.

“Grossman also enticed his audience by noting that killing can lead to great sex.”

He’s selling sex in exchange for murdered bodies.

. @UR_Ninja has picked this Up and reported on it, but apparently
5. not enough people have been paying attention. That includes me, which is partially why I’m so disgusted.
6. This killer cop’s training has got him into the White House this February.

Read the post.
7. Here are the people who liked it and share it.
8. These are multi level, multi jurisdiction people in positions of immense power in law enforcement.
9. They include local, City, state and federal government employees.
10. This is one post. It makes me want to wash my hands with a Brillo lad.
11. But it’s only one post. This guy has been hired to do tons of workshops for years.
13. If you have read the article, go back to the last post and re read. This guy has been invited to train cops to kill.

One correction. Those likes etc are actually attributed to this post.

It’s about the hate mail he’s received
14. Keeping that same post in mind, here are some comments from his linked in connects. E.g. the people he had trained to kill remorselessly because it will help they fuck each other more passionately.
17.if these comments don’t make you emotional, after realizing our government has been paying this sociopath to train Pigs to kill us?
18. Here is some previous coverage on this topic from unicorn riot.

I’m not done posting. But I am done for tonight because I’m upset. I’m upset that this killer cop has trained other killer cops around the US how to murder for better hard-one. His website is literally kilology dot com.

More to come to come tomorrow
24. Many have been generous in sharing sourcing from previous podcasts and an article or two about Dave Grossman. I've done some additional research as well. Sorry in advance for the length.

He is selling handguns (Article dated 2020-04-13) 
25. This quote from his book, clearly conveys - if you have no capacity for violence, you are a sheep. If you have the capacity, and empathy - this is what he calls a sheepdog; a warrior. No empathy? Wolf.

Now see his crime "Statistics". 
26. Here's Grossman's as a closing quote by Craig Worster - Chief of the Millinocket Maine Police Department.

Grossman's philosophy (as I read it) re-emphasizing sheepdog mindset. Shared by Daniel Waghelstein former DOJ/NATSEC 
27. This article is by Lieutenant Sally Panzer, Federal Task Force.

My interpretation of the idea here is combat PTSD in military & first responders by proactively creating immunity to it.

This could easily be called "Completely Devaluing SOME Lives" 
28. This LinkedIn article from a cop dissects & criticizes Grossman's "Approach".

Oh, no kidding. I wonder if their candor is due to locale. This cop isn't American. They're RCMP.

Not an avocation for cops, but perhaps US cops are just worst than most. 
29. Challenge question: What color is the wolf?

Sergeant Joshua Browne and also "Owner, Heal the Badge Consulting".

Seems there are a lot of these "consultants" offering training and seminars embracing this philosophy. Reads like "death merchant" to me. 
30. From his site. Killology. FML

"KILLOLOGY, (n): The scholarly study of the destructive act, just as sexology is the scholarly study of the procreative act. In particular, killology focuses on the reactions of healthy people in killing circumstances..." 
31. This just gets more disgusting watching capitalism & greed fueling a market to tune down moral compasses for killer cops, while pumping out books, like "Bulletproof Marriage".

Available on? Oh..fuggin Amazon. Ofc.

Oh! Business contact info. 
32. "Surprised by the attack on Col. Grossman. His message is nothing like which the agenda-driven media has portrayed." ~Jimmy Meeks "Sheepdog Seminars

Really? Cause that's not what I get from reading years of interpretation of those who subscribe to it. 
Mascoutah, Illinois

LinkedIn. Go figure. 
34. Here's his statement dated 2020-06-02. "2020 so far really sucks!" ~Dave Grossman

It's got a long way to go Dave, because clearly, those lessons which negatively impact your business, haven't turned into reflection & atonement.

35. h/t . @gatheredremains made a few great points

"There needs to be more said on how this dude also wrote “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill” which was a major book back then."

Grossman blames Video Game, TV & Movie violence.

Solution: Kill the kids? NO! 
36. "This is a complete 180, but it exhibits the pathology of suppression.
Militarize the cops, pacify the populace. This is colonial shit."

Mr response: "Straight up Colonial shit." BTW, shared by...? Dave Grossman.
37. This is not new by the way. Grossman has been at this for over two decades.

Article below is from the Chicago Tribune 2000-07-25 
38. Since it sounds like Grossman has really just started to receive some publicity (likely due to outrage), here are some articles from real journalists vs guy with a Twitter acct

The dark vision of “killology” expert Dave Grossman

Mar/Apr - on it early
41. ABSOLUTE CONTENT WARNING. This is a deleted scene from 2015 during the production of DO NOT RESIST

This is Grossman speaking at one of his seminars. Note the HORRIFYING quote "Enjoy the killing"
42. Yahoo News - Canada 2020-05-29

"George Floyd death puts spotlight on 'warrior training' for police"

"the classes taught to police in Minnesota and the rest of the country by Dave Grossman"👀👀👀
43. From "Some More News" 2019-11-06 h/t . @_techniker
for the recommendation/reference

"How Cops Are Trained To Shoot You In Your Home"
46. "How is Dave Grossman not a suspect in every murder" ~Hasan Minhaj 2019-09-09 h/t . @80_Hg2

Rips Grossman, covers the murder of Philando Castile, who's killer appears to have been "trained" by Grossman

The Broken Policing System:
47. "New Episode: The Man Who Teaches Our Cops To Kill" from @bastardspod w/ @IwriteOK & @jack_obrien

h/t @sncrslyxandra for calling it out
48. Missed also h/t . @shaylakraze for the podcast recommend above as well.

Now let's get a bit into bio, and supporters.
49. Here's Grossman's LinkedIn bio with experience, skills & endorsements.

Top skills: "Afghanistan" (That. Is. Not. A. Skill. It's. A. Country.)

Industry Knowledge: Command. Military Operations.

With that knowledge, who let him train street cops? ANYONE?
50. Here's everyone who recommended Grossman for "Afghanistan".

This is one of a few angles someone may start looking at if they wanted to know if cops in their state, city or country had received any of this "training".
51. Recommendations (Cont'd)
- Research
- Writing
- Command (Unrelated side note: Bill Mills, Detective at the Pennyrile NARC squad has a Barney AVI)
52. Comments on LinkedIn to his post "Some Threat Letters I have Received"

I can't imagine why that happened...🙄

Take a look at the comments.
53. Comments on LinkedIn to his post "Some Threat Letters I have Received" (Cont'd)
54. Comments on LinkedIn to his post "Some Threat Letters I have Received" (Cont'd)
55. Comments on LinkedIn to his post "Some Threat Letters I have Received" (Cont'd)
56. Comments on LinkedIn to his post "Some Threat Letters I have Received" (Cont'd)
60. @rdevro via @theintercept

Oh. Look here. More present day context of police violence and Dave Grossman, sitting right inside that article.

Get the picture.

"Police Attacks on Protesters Are Rooted in a Violent Ideology of Reactionary Grievance"
61. @wyattcenac (if you've got the link to that segment from 5/28/2018 you did on Killology/Dave Grossman, would value adding it here - I can't find it anywhere)

Either case, NYT account of the show below. h/t . @JackRNewhouse
62. Ask and thou shalt receive! Thanks @JackRNewhouse

Aforementioned clip is below, cued up to ~11:50 in the segment.
63. in April of 2013, the Pennsylvania Board of Probation & Parole hosted "The Bullet Proof Mind: Mental Preparation for Combat" seminar. Flyer Below.

It appears there was also one held THIS WEEK on Thursday in Sandy Springs, GA (info below)
64. 2020-01-22 - Aptos, CA, hosted by the Watsonville, PD
2019-01-10 - 01-11: Amarillo College Criminal Justice Department (YOU'RE TEACHING THIS TO COLLEGE STUDENTS???)
2016-04-20 - Raleigh, NC presented to Wake Tech and Atlanta-Carolinas HIDTA
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