*URGENT* A plea from an ITU doctor. Write to your MP to raise awareness of #LongCovid #covid1in20 #covid1in10 cases and call for research and support... a thread.

I am an ITU doctor and have been unwell for nearly 13 weeks. As a doctor, I feel that I have a
responsibility to help bring #LongCovid to the attention of politicians and the medical and scientific communities. Please write to your MP with your concerns and share the attached information if helpful. Thank you to Baroness Bennett @natalieben and @jamesowild for their help
so far.

I am calling for the Government to:
1) Establish a scientific approach to the study of patients undergoing prolonged COVID-19 symptoms to: a) Establish the number of people affected
b) Investigate the cause of this
c) Investigate possible treatments
2) Raise awareness amongst health professionals so that treatable pathology is investigated and ruled out. Provide information and guidelines to healthcare professionals

3) Raise awareness amongst employers

4) Consider the medical, psychological and financial support that may
be required by these patients

5) When considering measures to ease the lock down, include a consideration of the risk of exposing additional people to #LongCovid consequences
Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to @natalieben yesterday. Please write to your MPs, and please feel free to share with family, employers etc if you would find that helpful.

Thank you for reading.

@MattHancock @timspector @PaulGarnerWoof @covidlongtermer
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