Ok re-doing bc quality was off. BUT. #LongLiveGogo and #DontMuteDC were started to preserve the culture & Blackness of DC. Seeing that come to life this Juneteenth was absolutely remarkable and I’d be remiss not to share. A thread 🔥
Alright so first off — I’m from NY so I used to hate on GoGo and the DMV etc but nah it’s really growing on me. GoGo is fire as hell 😭
Part 2 —- at this point I’m on YouTube tryna learn how to beat my feet in 30 secs or less and pulling up old vids of @lvyefa bc I’m tryna be in the mix 😭
So as a musician too, yo this is like...elite bruh lol. You’d prob need headphones for the next few vids but the bass runs go dumb. And unrelated but Anti-Karen was going in 😭😭
Alright nah for real I’m taking a vid and son starts going ballistic for no reason. If y’all end up finding his @ please send that expeditiously 😭😭😭
I said this before but the ability for Black folks to come out of ANY situation and still have joy is so amazing. I love us.
“Whole kill is he not checking me” - @lvyefa
Pure #BlackJoy . Courtesy of Beyoncé 🤧
My favorite video from today. If the woman singing sees this you are incredibly talented!!! This was such a pure moment today.
But yeah y’all, to be honest living through this year, two pandemics with COVID and an attack on Black lives, and yet, seeing folks come out here with so much unity and joy was a highlight of this whole year for me. Beautiful energy. Chocolate City is still Chocolate. 🤎
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