I’ve been teaching, talking, and tweeting about this for years, but it’s worth repeating: the ongoing existence of real slavery in the world, today, doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Slavery (in various forms) is not just in the past. It should concern us all.
"there are more slaves in world today than in 19th C. Yet because one’s political rivals cannot be delegitimized by being on wrong side of slavery, few care to be active abolitionists, compared to being, say, speech police." - John Tooby @edge https://www.edge.org/conversation/john_tooby-coalitional-instincts via @robsica
And this is work by @lisakristine https://twitter.com/lisakristine/status/1263858552545988608?s=21 Lets not stop with discussing slavery in our past, from 150 years ago. Let’s consider what we can do about its presence today. Otherwise, we are utterly intellectually inconsistent. https://twitter.com/lisakristine/status/1263858552545988608
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