If you're mildly curious, I'd suggest reading about China's navy expansion just in the past 18 months. It's.. fascinating. The speed with which China has built a blue water navy is stunning. And worrying.
This is a recent US report on the growth and future projections for China PLAN strength https://crsreports.congress.gov/product/pdf/RL/RL33153
Essentially this year the Chinese navy is surpassing the US in certain areas (and will make it very difficult for the US navy to impose itself in the western Pacific). Over the next decade the PLAN will keep growing.
China is launching destroyers at a high rate. 6 Type 55s are coming into service. They're basically like modern (and larger) versions of Ticonderoga class cruisers.
And on top of that Type 052D destroyers are being built very fast. Two Type 075 LHDs were launched just in the last 6 months (they were built simultaneously). Perfect equipment for Taiwan invasions, if wanted.
A way to think about navies is as leading indicators. They take time to build and are very expensive (in ways that armies and airforces are less so). Taking a peak at navies under construction can give you ideas/scenarios about future geopolitical problems.
From that report. The next decade will test US power projection in the Pacific. (There are 3 carrier strike groups deployed right now)
During the pandemic two of these LHDs were completed and put out for sea trials. They are slightly smaller than the French Mistral class. And China's naval yards are still expanding.
Type 55s are impressive too. 112 VLS tubes, huge ships. Two were launched last year and should be commissioned towards 2022. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_055_destroyer
Then there's the Chinese "Aegis" equivalent, the Type 052D. 11 are active (just since 2014) and up to another 13 are under construction. China has shown it can build navies faster than basically anyone.
If the US or Australia (or both) ever find themselves at a disadvantage domestically, it could mean an opportunity for China in the region. I'd expect them to keep chancing their arm to see what happens.
Here's the Type 55 Nanchang being commissioned in January https://twitter.com/Loongnaval/status/1216199606792572928?s=19
The *7th* one was launched in April. Commissioning can take two years. https://twitter.com/Loongnaval/status/1255292479856836610?s=19
This is a list of Chinese warships launched in 2019 alone.
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