Fact: epidemic is increasing faster in states w/ 📈Republican governors than 📉Democratic governors- difference is all in way state leaders have quickly/slowly reopened, deployed contact tracing with testing, and promoted/downplayed face masks for all. https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-reopening-republican-governors-cases-deaths-c0233fd4-8f92-448e-a11c-ec5bded1def1.html
2) “over the last two weeks, reported infections have increased 91% in red states versus 63% in blue states.
We see the same pattern for COVID-19 deaths: 170% growth in red states vs. 104% in blue states.”
3) “Driving the news: Texas has begun easing its lockdown measures, and other red states are also moving quickly. Florida has reopened some beaches, and some southern states in particular never locked down as tightly as the Northeast and West coast.”
4) “Yes. but: Every governor wants to open up when they can to get the economy going, and there are some Democratic governors who are also taking steps to ease distancing measures.”
5) “Between the lines: Core of the Republican base in white, rural areas is at risk.

📌20% of people living in non-metro areas are >=65, compared w/ 15% in metro areas.

📌rural residents <65 are more likely to have pre-existing health conditions (26%), compared to urban (20%).
6) “The bottom line: Polls show that Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to think that the worst is behind us when it comes to COVID-19.

That may be partly because they, and the Republican governors, think this is largely someone else’s problem. It isn’t.”
7) Note: the article and quotes above were written by @DrewAltman, president of the 501c3 nonprofit @KFF, back in early May. The change results still hold today - even a month and a half later. Notice how consistent - in fact cases have grown even faster in R states since.
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