Inspired by @CestMoiz, I am going to start a thread on đŸŽȘcompany (CCP)'s military videos. Seriously, these guys are at a different level. #CCPCircusCo #SingleChildHans
Circus company recently launched their shiny new show 'Eagle Swords' with brand-new equipment's. Right from Combat helmet till the boots of pilot is squeaky clean. #CCPCircusCo #SingleChildHans
More on 'Eagle Swords'. This is a night-time op. But sadly no footage with night vision captured. Guess why? The night time take-off looks like a vfx. #CCPCircusCo #SingleChildHans
One more..... The titanic moment, when their allegedly 6x6 ATV gets stuck in snow. #CCPCircusCo #SingleChildHans
Titanic Part - 3 #CCPCircusCo #SinceChildHans
Now some singing competition.... #CCPCircusCo #SingleChildHans
Part 2 of singing competition.... #CCPCircusCo #SingleChildHans
The infamous dancing dolls.... #CCPCircusCo #SingleChildHans
Remember 21st Century Fox Studio Intro? This video start with that.... #CCPCircusCo #SingleChildHans
THis is from the #OccupiedTibet. #CCPCircusCo never fails to entertain.
This is Part-2 of Tibetan sword that will eventually fall over Hans of #CCPCircusCo ultimately closing the chapters of many #SingleChildHans
In what is supposed to be a sad occasion, #CCPCircusCo has made a Jazz & lullaby on #WuhanMassacre
Buggers! #CCPCircusCo playing Jazz in a video about #WuhanMassacre
Don't get shocked seeing the first few seconds of this video from our one and only #CCPCircusCo. Is he preparing for a chemical warfare or displaying his dressing & packing skills?
Next up.... Some ear blistering music to project the #CCPCircusCo trainees part -1.
The guy who was launched in Part -1 (previous video) he is still a few feet away. From the one and only #CCPCircusCo.
Okay now... Remember the song 'We will we will rock you'? If so, now listen to this from #CCPCircusCo now displaying their comic show from the sea. Wondering whether their ships run on HSD or has gone electric. No smoke or carbon black. Squeaky clean chimney.
Now, even seen a professional army doing agricultural work? This video once again proves #CCPCircusCo is one of a kind in this world. Watch fully to understand.
This one is uber funny from #CCPCircusCo. Apparently they have something called Guantong Brigade in ETC. This video shows how not to train a professional army. Indeed they prove once again they are a circus company for #CCP.
This one is a special dedication to @avarakai. #CCPCircusCo boys this time has recorded a footage of para Op. But then, its all day time mission and in one they used a Yellow lens to record the footage for VFX purpose. This is allegedly from "Xiangjian Special Forces"
This one is another gem! #CCPCircusCo now display their skills in a shopping mall instead of a combat training center. Apparently, the video was titled "speed match". However, I'd like to rename it as "Op success patient Dead".
Poor guy is a 4th-level sergeant of #CCPCircusCo's đŸŽȘ Armed Police (drama troupe). In what is supposed to be a 400-meter obstacle, he runs for more than 350 meters. Crazy BGM! Do listen!😄😄😄
If a #CCPCircusCo troupe member drives his truck as if an ant has entered into his pants. Ultimately all this heroics end up in the canteen for a plate of meal. Apparently, this is from Zhengzhou Joint Logistics Support Center in Henan province. Nothing close to border.
#CCPCircusCo shamelessly promotes Tiananmen soldiers. They are nothing but your regular street cop.
This is a video on 71st anniversary of the sea wing of #CCPCircusCo where they show you some really unused ACC, and newly painted ships which fires into the ocean, not even aimed at dummy targets.
This is the second part of #CCPCircusCo's 71st anniversary of the sea wing. Looks like it has 5 chapters showcasing the never-used subs, surface ships (incl that non-combat proven ACC), aviation, marines, and coastal defense forces. Circus company is truly a great entertainer.
#CCPCircusCo brings to you the latest from their newly launched aerobics brigade (aka logistics brigade). This is part-2. Do watch part-2 for complete fun.
Here is the Part 2 of Aerobics brigade of #CCPCircusCo
Hmmm... I am so tired laughing. This is the last one for today. #CCPCircusCo has deployed tanks. No don't think too far. This is a training range where the troupe members practice and at the end of the session, they get a cookie. But we all know what happens to #CCPCircusCo Tank.
No, please don't insult the #CCPCircusCo. They are doing their best to keep the entire world entertained. Please don't even think about this picture. Please.
#CCPCircusCo aerobics team strikes once again.... Do watch! The official version is "anti-terrorist combat killer". But this is a pure aerobics video for any professional army.
A professional Army would portray its #WomenPower in numerous ways. But #CCPCircusCo chose the path less taken. Its always full make-up & soft training. They failed to understand the real meaning of #WomenPower. Apparently, this video is from 1st Brigade of Dancing Dolls.
This time, the #CCPCircusCo has now arrived to the India - Tibet border by horse. This one I think is shot inside their studio somewhere in Tibet region. Here is the part-1
The #CCPCircusCo troupe members pose inside their border. And by the time they reach their destination, horse has become a dog. Such is their power.
Yet again, #CCPCircusCo strikes Twitter with some entertainment. This time along with their troupe members from 'Pindi'. You guys are just awesome! Keep entertaining us. Btw, this is from #PoJK #GilgitBaltistan region.
Agree #CCPCircusCo do what they are best at. Yes, retrieving their #SingleChildHans body. Only this, they are capable of doing with real world-like scenario. Not sure what triggered them to do this now.
Here is a special one from #CCPCircusCo. the Air wing of the troupe conducted tactical terrain exercises, you know where? In a european-styled soccer turf. I wonder what tactical knowledge one can gain from a soccer turf.
Yet again #CCPCircusCo troupe getting ready for their next show to entertain the global audience. Dei. Seriously, you need to work on your body language. That tells a different story altogether.
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