@BradMGM thank you 4 covering this. Help me to understand, I'm not local, so I don't see the daily local news. What about the citizens? The church? Community leaders? Are they not going into the neighborhoods talking to people. Where is the news coverage? Where are the doctors /1 https://twitter.com/BradMGM/status/1273015801168171013
and nurses coming out with videos? Twitter threads, etc. about what's going on? I know they are overrun, & I don't know how to help except to point to Italy, NYC, NJ response to this deadly disease as they became overwhelmed. It was the doctors, nurses talking to us, telling /2
their stories as they happened, in the middle of the shift or at the end of one. @Cleavon_MD put out a good thread on what they experienced, what to look for; @Craig_A_Spencer is on the frontlines out of NYC. @DrSamGirgis out of NJ, @kakape science journalist out of Germany; /3
@mugecevik Infectious disease, virology/research who put together a #COVID19 scientist list; @trvrb scientist, out of Washington,
getting out initial & subsequent data on RO, genomic sequencing, & #COVID19 spread using threads on Twitter, to share & collaborate w/scientists /4
medical community across the board; @MaxCRoser data expert on the 5Ws/1H of covid19 spread, impact to global commons, next steps; @LizSpecht associate director of science & technology @GoodFoodInst who put together a compelling piece on the spread of #COVID19 w/numbers, data, /5
in a detailed thread on Twitter; @NYGovCuomo who, every time I saw his daily covid19 brief, told the other states, NY will send help when the virus gets to "you;" @BradMGM
continue to get the stories of Montgomery, Al out to the world. And, on behalf of the families, doctors, /6
nurses, hospital staff, EMTs, Fire Department, etc, ask for help from NY, other states, & orgs like @MSF. Please, on behalf of the people of Montgomery, ask in whatever way you can, however you can. /7
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