We now know they had the Iceberg's location pinpointed for the crash, but first they had to weaken Titanic to make sure.

01/05/2017 Coal Fire Helped Sink Titanic
Photos and eyewitness testimony from the time prove a fire critically weakened the ship. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/coal-fire-may-have-helped-sink-titanic-180961699/
Did you know Titanic's FIREMAN (coal fire manager) was John Podesta https://encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-survivor/john-alexander-podesta.html

Grandfather of John Podesta? (Nicknamed Skippy = Ship Master)

14 = 14th John Podesta? + Fish (Titanic op: Sleep With Fishes)

Podesta said in speech his granddad was a "ship unloader"
Did you know the owner of Titanic was in a financial crisis in 1912?

Titanic's identical sister ship Olympic had been hit by British Navy & they refused to pay for damages.

Must see documentary.

Bankruptcy or insurance check?
You may think that's contrary to the Federal Reserve op, but you have to think bigger.

Ordering a ship to crash into the Olympic (and refusing to pay) is how they forced the ship owner into the operation.

It gave him a ship to sink for insurance.
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