I've been running @morningbrew's social media for the past ~2 months

here's a thread of a few things i've learned

Twitter strategy only for now

Insta later
1/ Hijack a super-powered timeline

turn on post notifications for someone big in your niche. For MB that person is @elonmusk

each time they tweet, be one of the first to respond

this interaction below got 300K+ impressions
2/ Double down on "voice" in comments section

MB has a very specific voice

on twitter, i wanted to turn that voice up a couple of notches

in twitter responses i turned it up even more

this thread was unfiltered MB at its best https://twitter.com/MorningBrew/status/1260706318551339016?s=20
3/ When it comes to memes, invest in tools

memes look hastily assembled by nature but the right software helps a lot

for videos: https://www.kapwing.com/workspace/5edf8b2d66a6e60015899d82

for pics: Adobe photoshop

for inspiration: always be looking, always be borrowing
4/ Always be borrowing

i follow video aggregator accounts like @30SECVIDEOS and @RexChapman

i pull videos from their accounts and caption it to make it relevant to the MB audience

ex: https://twitter.com/MorningBrew/status/1268178609488961536?s=20
5/ Interact with power followers

I know @JJWatt is a fan of the Brew.

during #thematch i made sure to monitor his tweets to see if i could interact with him

got a RT and tons of exposure
6/ Never use emojis

just don't.

they never make a tweet better and almost always make it worse

plus the data backs it up: only 2 of our top 25 tweets contained emojis
7/ For giveaways, low lift is better

look at what was asked of people in each tweet and its clear which giveaway was going to get more interactions

(also emoji's in giveaways are okay in my book)
8/ Build a community

the easiest way to do that is to create a visual identity

@andrewyang did this with the 🧢

im working on doing this with the "☕️"

when you run into another ☕️ on twitter, you know they read the Brew.

9/ When it comes to the hard stuff, be genuine

im inexperienced handling important topics like the BLM protests

so i leaned heavily on @MorningBrew leadership for guidance

there is no right answer so we just did what felt truest to what we believed in as a company
10/ Go super viral

there's no secret sauce

just throw enough darts

without as much accuracy as you can muster

and eventually you'll hit the bullseye

bullseye=1 million impressions https://twitter.com/MorningBrew/status/1265321405786308608?s=20
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