The entire #SNYDERCUT script revealed on this Thread.

**These scenes may not be completely in order. Remembering that we don't have the details and the transitions between them.**

It may contain Spoilers, so take this as a rumor 😉

If you're excited, read on.

1 (OPENING) - The film begins with a Lois Lane nightmare of Superman's death, seeing him impaled by Doomsday and at his scream she wakes up.
(Same scream that wakes the Mother Boxes and reveals to the universe there are no Kryptonians, and the Earth, was unprotected)
1² - A scene showing the whole world of mourning begins, Lois goes to a Coffe Shop, and accompanied by a policeman (Jimmy Olsen from the Reeve's films), goes to the Heroes Park
2 - Batman is in a remote place and spends days riding a horse until he reaches a village in Iceland, where he looks for a stranger (Aquaman) because he saw his videos in the files he stole from Lex, he hands over his Wayne card and even offers money to talk with him.
2² - (The scene has no child's drawing on the wall talking about the Mother boxes, as in the Whedon version)

After the conversation, talking about his attitudes and even mentioning Superman, Arthur (as expected) says "no" and disappears into the sea.
3 - Extended version of the Wonder Woman fight in London (following exactly the scene in which her solo film ended)

With one difference: She tries but can't contain the bomb's explosion.
4 - The Mother Boxes were awakened, and started completely with the despair of humanity at the death of Superman.

The first to activate is Themyscira's, SteppenWolf arrives on Earth and the fight is Extended.
4² - An Amazon begins to transform into a Parademon, but she kills herself before the transformation's over.
4³ - SteppenWolf is trying to recover them because his mother Heggra's spirit is inside the Boxes and can give him enough power to overcome Darkseid.
5 - Barry Allen saves Iris West from a car accident

(it is unknown if this scene comes before or after he talks to his father in prison)
6 - In a mysterious scene, Cyborg appears interacting with a Mother Box.

She teaches him to fly, he climbs on the roof and makes his first flight.
7 - Lois lane begins to research the disappearance of scientists from the Star Labs.
8 - Silas Stone takes the Mother Box to the Star Labs.

He and Ryan Choi start to work on the box and understand how it works.

Only Ryan also knows that Victor (Cyborg) is alive.
9 - Batman receives a tip (Gordon) about a warehouse.

Batman finds the abandoned warehouse full of cocoons where people are being transformed into Parademons.

He is attacked by one, but manages to escape.
10 - Alerted about the invasion by the Amazons, Diana goes to an ancient temple to look for clues as to who is behind the invasion.

There she sees all the ancient war drawn on the walls, with a figure from Darkseid in the middle.

11 - The flashback starts with Darkseid coming to earth in search of the anti-life equation, he is still Uxas.

All peoples begin to ally, Amazons, Atlanteans, Humanity, Green lanterns, AND A KRYPTONIAN (you know the ship Clark finds on the ice? There was not always ice there)
11² - SteppenWolf is also at war, that's why the Amazons know him, but his role is minimal, as he only obeys Darkseid.

(The scenes that SteppenWolf actually appears in the war did not appear in the Whedon version)

Darkseid loses and returns to apokolips, leaving the Boxes
12 - Wonder Woman visits Batman in his Wayne aerospace hangar, and they talk about the invasion.

Batman talks about the meta humans they need to find.

(There is no scene of the two talking by the lake)
12² - They decide to visit Lex Luthor in Arkham Asylum, to learn more about the Mother Boxes.

He refuses to speak, until Batman breaks his fingers.

That's when they understand what the boxes are, because Lex learned about them on the Kryptonian ship.
13 - Cyborg interacts with the box again, visiting his past:

He sees himself as a Quarterback at finals, his father lost all his games.

His mother takes him home, as soon as he complains she gets distracted and an accident happens, killing her and leaving him seriously injured.
13² - During the interface, Cyborg senses that he can control Earth’s entire nuclear arsenal, but rejects this.

14 - An extended version of the SteppenWolf invasion of Atlantis.

Aquaman fights with some parademons, before attacking Steppenwolf, at that moment it is Mera who fights against him, trying to remove all the liquid from his body.
14² - Aquaman talks to Mera and Vulko.

She asks him to stay and become King. Vulko tells him to follow his heart.

Aquaman decides to help humanity, so Vulko takes him to the tomb of his ancestors, giving him the armor and the trident.
15 - Batman talks to Flash, while Wonder Woman meets Cyborg (it's a different scene from Whedon's, he's without a hood or sweatshirt, lines change too.

Batman learns more about the SpeedForce.
16 - Cyborg returns to his apartment and finds out that his father has been kidnapped.

He manages to protect the mother box while the parademons search for it.
16² - That's when Flash and Bruce meet Diana, Gordon turns on the BatSign and they go to the roof (Flash had been deleted in that old promotional image, but he's)

Gordon talks about the missing scientists and, after Cyborg's arrival they discover that they are in Gotham Harbor
17 - The tunnel battle is more extended, Flash fights several parademons and Cyborg faces SteppenWolf.

They save most of the hostages while the tunnel is collapsing. Flash is so fast that it looks like it's more than one person.
18 - At the Hangar Cyborg uses the box interface to show to the League that the box was found by the Nazis in the WWII, they failed to harness its power and locked it for years, until it was discovered by A.R.G.U.S and taken to the STAR labs.

(Cyborg show them his own creation)
19 - Cyborg also learns, through the Box, that SteppenWolf has plans to revive Superman.

So Batman decides to revive him first, as the League does not want to face an evil Kryptonian

(That's the real reason to revive Superman, not because "he's stronger than a planet", Joss)
20 - Everyone goes to the cemetery to dig up Superman, Flash and Cyborg are digging and talking about codenames, WW and Aquaman discuss what to do if Clark's reborn evil.
21 - Silas evacuates the laboratory so that the team can enter.

They only go to the ship to resurrect Superman after confirming in the lab that the Codex (placed on his body in MoS) is the only thing capable of preventing his transformation into DoomsDay
22 - During Superman's rebirth, Cyborg has a vision of Sups destroying the world after succumbing to the anti-life.

Extended Hero Park fight:

-Superman attacks police officers and Cyborg saves them
-Batman isn’t present.
-Lois arrives on her own after spotting an explosion.
23 - The team regroups at Silas’ laboratory after Superman leaves. Steppenwolf attacks, disintegrates Silas and steals the Mother Box.
24 - Deathstroke breaks Luthor out of Arkham and is instructed to meet him later at Luthor’s yacht.
25 - Extended Kent Farm sequence. Clark is overwhelmed by his powers, so Martha Kent comforts him with the “pretend my voice is an island” speech. Clark later goes into the cornfield and talks to an apparition of Jonathan Kent who encourages him to be the hero he was born to be.
26 - The team regroups at the BatCave

Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg meet Alfred.

Batman and Wonder Woman discuss the Knightmare.

Cyborg leaves in anger (Silas die in front of him).
27 - Cyborg visits his own grave and mourns his father’s death.

Heggra attempts to influence him through Cyborg’s connection to the Mother Box, offering to make him whole again.
28 - In Ukraine (NOT RUSSIA), SW revives Heggra’s spirit and begins terraforming the planet

29 - Bat & WW discuss the impending battle as she tends to her injuries. He blames himself for his role in Superman's death and believes he can only find redemption by sacrificing himself
30 - Batman and Alfred discuss the impending battle while weaponizing the Flying Fox.

Alfred urges him to believe in his team.
31 - Superman visits the Kryptonian ship. It senses his presence and produces a new suit for him (BLACK). He suits up and flies away.

Superman visits Alfred at Wayne Manor to know where the team has gone.
32 - Batman attempts to sacrifice himself to lure away the Parademons while the team infiltrates Steppenwolf’s base, but the team saves him.

Extended final battle. Batman operates an Apokoliptian cannon and rides an Apokoliptian hovercycle.

33 - People around the world watch the Battle

Cyborg attempts to separate the Mother Boxes.
Heggra communicates with him, offering to revive his family if he surrenders to her, but Cyborg refuses.
He has more visions of Superman destroying Earth under Darkseid’s influence.
33² - Heggra unleashes an energy blast (after the Unity) that disintegrates Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg.

Flash manages to run away fast enough to breach the space-time barrier and travel a few minutes back in time, saving Cyborg and changing the future.
33³ - In the new timeline, Superman helps Cyborg separate the Mother Boxes and destroy them.

Steppenwolf rips Cyborg apart in a fit of rage and attempts to subjugate Superman to his will, but Superman resists his influence and destroys his battle-axe.
34 - With the Mother Boxes destroyed and his Parademons defeated, Steppenwolf opens a boom tube to return to Apokolips, but Aquaman impales him and touches him in the air, Superman punches him towards the tube and Wonder Woman cuts off the villain's head.
34² - His head falls through the portal and falls at Darkseid's feet. The team sees Darkseid and his huge army for the first time, and he promises to "see them soon" before the portal collapses.

-At Kent Farm, Lois and Martha talk about the team. After Lois leaves, Martha reveals herself to be the Martian Manhunter in disguise. He has been impersonating General Calvin Swanwick to monitor Earth’s meta-humans for years.

(Fan art below)

-Batman and Flash transfer Cyborg’s remains in the Batcave in order to rebuild him. Batman gives Flash a new suit

(But the suit does not appear, so the director of the Flash film could create it in his own way).

-Aquaman returns the armor and trident to Vulko and Mera. They ask him to join them in Atlantis, but he refuses and returns to Amnesty Bay.

-In Central City, Barry spots Iris at the bookstore and approaches her.

-In Gotham, Batman and Wonder Woman discuss turning Wayne Manor into the Hall of Justice.

-Superman and Clark Kent died in BvS, remember?

So, in Metropolis, Clark returns to the Daily Planet and Lois introduces him to Perry White as Superman.

-Batman is awakened by a bright green light outside his lakeside cottage and steps outside to find Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter, who ask for his help.

-Deathstroke meets Luthor, who hires him to kill Batman in revenge for Batman locking him up.

43 - Bonus Sequence:

-General Swanwick are monitoring the events, from the scientists’ kidnappings to the Battle of Ukraine, to set up the Martian Manhunter reveal.


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