Singapore Air is a great airline to fly. I like it. On Monday, SIA alerted the public it would resume flights to 12 world cities in June and July. Combined, that would represent a 50% increase in flights vs end-May. That would still mean a 94% drop from plan, but hey...
That's only a 50% drop in flights followed by a 50% drop followed by another 50% drop, followed by yet another 50% drop.

Meanwhile, after the whole COVID-19 thing, hedging losses, and a massive rights issue, in the last few days before the rights settle, the shares now trade
at a 1% discount to the average Q4 2019 average Forward Adj EV (Adj for MCBs issued) and a 3-4% discount to Q4 average spot EV.

Stock borrow is unobtainable because... well... they just did a huge rights issue. Which delivers Monday (tho some may decide they can sell today).
If I were a betting man, I might think a some portion of the float effectively forced into buying a hugely dilutive discounted rights issue might sell their shares once delivered. And the 67mm shares delivered as Excess to opportunistic bidders? They're probably for sale too.
Just in case. #timestamp price was S$4.49.
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