It's not the perfect timing for this...

But nobody in my 'real" life cares much about this... So here it goes.


Something he said has haunted me... Just absolutely confounded me.

But I think I figured it out.

And I think I found a group of people that are doing "it."
Of ALL the inventions to come from the mind of Nikola Tesla, there was one that was his absolute favorite.

And on the surface, it kinda feels like a ... "meh...seen better."

I mean, really. When you can shake the very ground, transmit high-voltage w/o wires, and blueprint HAARP
His favorite creation—his biggest joy—was not wireless electricity. Nor a time machine... Nor A/C dynamo's or arc lamps, or current transformers...


Tesla's favorite invention—I believe solved 2 problems.

Or at least added another dimension to an existing one.
I also believe I know what the NAZI's were trying to do w/ the bell, and most certainly would have succeeded.

So... this is my "fun" thread for the night...

Not too long... Coffee first. BRB.
Ok... Better... ☕️

Here we go...
Tesla's favorite invention was his turbine.

His (very plain looking) blade-less turbine.

And... I just didn't get it.

Really? A turbine? This thing?
I was ready to move onto more... exciting things...

But then I read somewhere—(can't find it now) a quote by him in either a newspaper interview or personal papers—that it could theoretically reach 95%+ efficiency.

And.... even... higher....
(someone please help me find that quote)

Ok... So THAT caught my eye.

For perspective, your car is probably around 20% efficient. Nearly all of the 80% that you DON'T get in the form of mechanical motion is lost in heat...

Wasted heat—just blowing out to the atmosphere.

And—I swear I can see this—he said it with a twinkle in his eye. Because I just "got" how it would be done.

I'll do my best to make this "easy reading"... it's not too hard, but some geekery is required.

And DAMN this filled in so many holes for me.
Key Point #1) The boundary effect.
It's not what you might think...

It's SOUND!!!
Which is really trippy, because just about everything else I dig into comes back to sound.

Pythagoras' Musica Universalis "music of the spheres"
The Tritone (devil's music)
Gyroscopic precession (angular velocity)

This guy... John Ernst Worrell Keely.
Back to Keely in a minute...

Let's stick with this boundary layer thing, specifically as Tesla discovered that it wasn't friction after all...

It's also when the NAZI bell's went off, and the Sonora Aero Club dots started to all connect.

Read This. His own words.
That's the part that confused me...

Really? The device looks simple, yeah... But you're losing me on the "so simple" part.

And why on earth would you be making mercury pumps "many years ago."

Absolutely no REASON for this man's time to be spent on mercury pumps.

You were trying to SOLVE a particular problem from a particular group of VERY secretive people.

And if you've read my pinned thread, you'll know that I referring to The Sonora Aero Club.

I believe—wholeheartedly—Tesla was involved.

And as I hypothesize, the time has come.
Which problem might they be looking to solve?

Exhibit A: Charles Dellshau shares the mind of one of the engineers. Take note on the item to your left...

This is the precursor to the "bell"
Let me back up for a second... Just in case you haven't read the thread... Let me summarize:

See those wheels? They were spinning them at great velocities.

And as we're all about to find... gyroscopes can create an anti-gravity effect.

As long as you can spin those wheels.
You see... That's WHY they were all there, in California, in 1856.

The story is all there... 13 notebooks full of the "how to's"

Dellshau even explains how it works... take-off and landing...
Dozens and dozens of craft design. Most of them worked, but not all practical. Some small. Others, massive in size (small blimp size).

Never-ending funds. "Make it work, boys!"

Of course, nobody rolled in style like TRUMP—model #4500.

Which Trump? That's for you to decide ;)
Ok... Back to the THIS thread...

What could Tesla provide the Sonora Boys?

Do you see it?
Dellshau wrote in code... Broken English and his native High German.

They were the Manhattan Project of 1850, but funded by German's... Well... Prussian's, then. (and now).

However, if you look at the Bell closely, you'll see something very telling. In the middle.

A vortex.
And this one...

Spinning wheels and gyroscope doesn't create "anti-gravity." they just move it to the side in some kind of cosmic woo woo trickery...
And so, it's not so hard to go from that.. to this...
This wasn't supposed to be this long... And I'm running out of steam. Need a break... If I don't start back up again in the next 15 mins... i may just call it a night.
But for now, at least you can see it for yourself with Sandy Kidd's machine...
Ah what the hell... Coffee still going...

Going to take the shorter path with the rest of this thread, and save the long version—including Keely and other points— for Trump: Greatest Actor Part III

back to Tesla...
Ok... So besides the fact that Tesla was a genius, I believe he was granted his wish in 1893.

There was a meeting (allegedly). A clandestine meeting with him at the Chicago World's Fair.

How apropos...

Give a man his dream, right after he lights up Chicago like Christmas.
And it was perfect. Tesla was about to be flabbergasted...

And his navigator through these murky waters of high-tech and breakaway society secrets was one of my favorites.

Someone VERY familiar with our Sonora boys and their NEEDS...

Samuel Clemens (AKA Mark Twain)
I know... I know... Sounds crazy...

Until you dig... and dig... and dig....

Mark Twain's cabin. Jackass Hill, Sonora California, 1867.
Now let me fill you in on something. Sonora, CA in 1867 had a population of about 2,000 people.

About 600 living "in town."

100 of those inhabitants were guests from Bavaria, Italy, Denmark, France, and of course... America.

Most living in barns and brothels.

And cabins.
Here is the weird thing...

All this "tech" is always in the hands of the "top dog," so to speak... And it's fairly easy to point [them] out at different points along history.

So every time a philosopher mechanic comes up with the next greatest tech, it gets buried... For us.
So, although I've been examining the work of many people, there is always this Occult element. Since the beginning.

Cherry-picking what they want, and then throwing it under the label of secret: for the purpose of "national security."

Ha! Whose nation?
Even old Sandy Kidd was ruined... Forced him to Australia and told him to shut up. He did.

or when Stanley Meyer split water into hydrogen and oxygen (perfect fuel) just by running some pulsed current through metal tubes in water.

Dead. Poisoned.

And all the rest. Tesla knew.
So, when I propose that Mark Twain was Tesla's "tap on the shoulder" let me assure you—It's just another "weird" piece to this story

Like when Howard Hughes and Ernest Hemingway spent a decade looking for Atlantis.

A Vegas Codeine stupor w/ 12 in. fingernails? Ha! Not a chance!
Back from "Logical Beatdown" mode w/ bad actors... Got a little tense there for a minute.

When I saw the giant, wireless Tesla coil light up DC, I was like... It's here.

The Phallic strike on Osiris' wee wee was a nice touch too. As was the ancient paleo-Hebrew letter for Q.
But let's get back to turbines and mercury and Tesla's "ah ha" moment...
Flywheels... The Sonora Boys were using fixed-dimensional wheels. Metal wheels with different sizes and mass.

They were casting them right on location, in the foothills of Jupiter Mountain, and on the Italian Ranchers farm.

Iron, copper, & gold ore was all readily available.
But fixed-dimensional wheels are just that... You get what you get.

Mercury, on the other hand is not.

Follow me here...

Mercury can shift into any dimension and STILL act like a flywheel because of its mass. It can change.

Torque and angular momentum can be "twisted"
The flaw in Sandy's machine is he didn't counter the "cork-screwing effect" with an equal and opposite momentum, but with one that does not impact a torque "downward"—towards the ground.

The Bell, either negated the need for flywheels altogether, or, it countered the precession.
So, if you look at the shape of the Bell, or the proposed dimensions in Dellshau's work, you'll notice that it's very similar to the toroid—but only the top half.

If powered by a central "bell" vs. the wheels on the edge, the shape of the craft must change.

Steampunk to Saucer.
I prefer Steampunk, BTW...
So, just like when there were producing H2 in 1860, w/ an exothermic reaction to spin a "bucketed turbine," the newer generation models (1890-1903) used an electric motor w/ batteries.

What people were seeing in 1896-1897, all over America, was the electric powered blimp version
Take note: Those propellers weren't for lift. they for adjusting the angle, tilt and direction of the craft, so they could let the flywheels do their magic—the real work.
I've tracked down 3 interviews, from 3 different states that will paint the entire picture... And it is GLORIOUS!

And they were ready for the big reveal in 1897.
Saving the long version for the other thread... Here are the Cliff Notes:

- Sonora Aero Club + U.S. Army = 1st Black Project (1864)
- Was a joint development between Private and Military groups
- Was to be announced in 1897
- Was sabotaged in Aurora, Texas
- Back underground
Tesla's patents line up almost perfectly for what a craft of this type would have needed, and would have been missing at the time. A genius like Tesla could solve many problems, and perhaps take them to the next level.

And I believe he did.
Tesla's Dream was to build his own flying machine (anti-gravity). He loved his turbine, but it was a means to end for the bigger prize.

I believe he was shown what we could do, privately, in 1893. And was also shown what the next generation might be...
Tesla never filed his patent for the craft design, but his trusted assistant—Otis Carr—did in the 1950's, based on Tesla's personal explanation and drawings from memory.

They even built a working model... before... You guessed it.

Shut down.
Despite all this cool gyro stuff, you still need a prime mover... What happens when you run out of batteries?

The wheels slow down. If the wheels are in a vacuum, they'll spin much longer. But eventually, unless you can pull electricity from the atmosphere...

Wait a minute!
If the big reveal was sabotaged in 1897 w/ the Aurora crash, and then covered up for protection, where on earth would one might go to figure out the challenges and mysteries of the Universe?

New Jersey and new York were not safe places.

Any ideas?

The middle of nowhere.
Need a break... back this evening for a wrap up.

Also, the last post on this thread will be a video of a bunch of guys making electricity with the Tesla turbine—Perpetually.

They aren't trying to hide. In fact, they have a Patreon. However, I feel obligated to ask them 1st.
Ok... Back from offensive mode... Sometimes I need to shift gears and let the Lefty loons know that there is another brand of "logic' that exists...

Anyway, it was a JoeM post that threw me off this thread... Good reason though, yeah?

Back to the turbine...
Also, I blended this thread a bit too much into my other... So let me bring it back to the reason for this thread—to show you a small group of people that saw it, are testing it, and very close to DOING it...

Making almost-free energy at home...

Got permission to share!! :)
The Tesla turbine, in combination with the the Tesla pump—which is simply the same device, but in reverse—does something very special...

It's a symphony of chemical and mechanical advantage...

Let me explain...
Forget the mercury for a minute, and let's focus on water...

Specifically, let's talk about STEAM...

In fact, let's have some fun... let's build our own "almost free energy" machine... Just made coffee, and I'm in the mood for spreading some good news.
We can do this anywhere on the planet... But it makes the most sense to use a colder climate as the ideal example.

If you need to light a fire in your house for several months a year, let's also make electricity at the same time...

Especially if you're surrounded by woods :)
Step 1...

Understand what the hell we're doing... 5th grade level...

We are making steam, using that steam (pressure) to spin a blade-less turbine, which will extract most of the heat energy from the steam before it ever leaves the turbine exit port.

Guess what happens?
Because the heat is stripped away from the fluid—which is turned into mechanical energy by means of that boundary effect—there is an INSTANT evaporative effect...

Phase change.

From steam... back to water...

2,000% reduction in volume.
But what Tesla didn't elaborate too much on was how to take this to the next level... And I kind of think he didn't elaborate on purpose... If you know what I mean. He dropped a big hint to the curious-minded.

He DID make clear the need to pull a vacuum on that exit port. How?
By coupling it to another Tesla turbine, in reverse, which will do the opposite... It's the Tesla Pump... And it's efficiencies are almost identical for the same reasons the turbine showed HUGE efficiencies...

Enter the "Cold Steam" theory...
Now, imagine this... The faster you can spin those blades, the more effective the whole thing is... Overly simplistic, but just remember that.

Because there exist no "air" between the coupled turbines, the heat gradient kind of goes crazy...

And it gets INCREASINGLY efficient.
The theory is that the connecting pipe should get so COLD (because of the ever increasing vacuum), frost will begin to form on the outside of the pipe... just like your freezer at home... Heat exchanger...
Within a matter of INCHES, you go from steam so hot it will peel your skin right off your face, to temps so cold, your hand would freeze upon touch...


From incredible pressures at the inlet jets, to an incredible vacuum at the junction pipe.

But you NEED a vacuum.
Can you see where this can be a "closed-loop system?"

...Drain the water that condenses, and pump it back to the steam boiler reservoir. Heat it back up to steam temps...

Step and repeat...
Ready to see some videos?
Keep in mind... This is a prototype... They are using a conventional vacuum pump to draw a vacuum on the whole system! A temporary placeholder for a future Tesla pump...


Forget about the noise... that goes away w/ air-bearings.

Watch this:
Of course, this is ready for Home Depot .... Yet.

First, we need to fix some inefficiencies, primarily, that NOISE! Nobody wants that in their house.

the noise is almost entirely coming from the ball-bearings. Even high-speed ball-bearing have limits.

Air bearings don't.
"isn't ready"
Meet Dan Gelbart... He's about to change entire industries.

He makes air bearings at home... yeah, no biggie... Home lathe, sub-micron precision... Meh...

This is MASSIVE!

And I can think of no better application than... Yup.

HIGH-RPM Tesla turbines.
So, obviously, the guys in the first video know about air-bearings and have already started implementation into their prototype.

Not only will the noise be virtually eliminated, but the friction is almost nearly eliminated.

Which means... more efficiency.
Ok... Ok... so that's the hardest part to understand.

We're making steam, spinning discs, connecting a generator, making electricity from that generator, condensing steam back to water, and reheating the water...

The heating of the water is not FREE. More on that in a minute...
I have several more videos lined up to tell the rest of the story, but I'm running out of steam (no pun intended), and will pick back up on this tomorrow (I hope).
Soon... If not tomorrow.
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