Yep, satan (nwo, satanists, globalists etc) want your kids.
But enough with the fear mongering, wise up and rise up in faith

Go straight to Dr. Jekyll FAUCI talking at about 5.20 where on his fav pedo topic "kids" he makes a quick corrected SLIP UP.

Fauci slips out covid16 at 5.23
This was their nwo plan ready to launch after a Hillary win, yep NZ plan-d hideout prepared hence 100s of bunkers by elites, Sage, Little, Nash all in on this

Short circuited by @realdonaldtrump winning and FAIL by Hillary

John Key exposed resigns after
John Kerry goes to Antarctica to make a *deep freeze* deal with climate change as cover story but FAILS
Plan-D *operation* given to Ardern via scammmed election, where bribed Peter's has a choice
His SHIT and lies exposed

2017 Ivo Daalder sends son Marc to NZ as Ardern's contact/minder
Tarrant arrives same month
Daalder and Paddy Gower FAIL with white supremacist crap after Molyneux
Marc has heads up on March 15 false flag so writes 6 weeks prior in Spinoff outlying the incident

Podesta, Comey, Hillary, Obama all visit
Nats new leader dribbles about his $495 Spark arena front seat to hear Hillary
March 15 false flag comes and FAILS, but still...
justifies Arderns pre written firearms buyback policy which FAILS
And her attempt to censor internet FAILS

Trump aware of elites biological warfare plan, then prepares best he can without the swamp knowing
Closed border early to China, HCQ Hydroxychloroquine, National Home Guard prepared, CORONA mentioned by Q on 2017

At same time swamp in full turmoil panic attack mode

After gaining the House, FAILED Mueller/ Russia ends.
FAILED Greta Thunderberg by Soros ends.
FAILED mid-term election to take over the Senate
Rushed covid brew by elites and ramped up 5G in Wuhan launches Gates, Fauci, Soros and elites plan.
Chinese 5G rejected by Trump

Chinese 5G accepted with open arms by Ardern and David Clark dishonourable "health" minister.

NZ launches 5G at super speed
NZ ramps up flu scare and "free" vaccination
Why were 5G installers classed as "essential" in lock down level 4?
Why NZ reject HCQ?

Ardern pushes through full term abortion so plenty of baby parts for elites
Closes borders REALLY late while elites arrive from around the globe

Lock down bill rushed through parliament containing numerous Nazi Germany like removals of freedoms
Siouxsie Wiles... Paid by Gates... NZs version of the deep state "Fauci"

Please explain @SiouxsieW ?

Although, don't bother, as truly am not one bit interested in your LIES

Will let others research how much Gates has "donated" to you and your cause

Although since you're influencing the decisions of politicians and the bullshit you've spat over media, maybe an OIA needs to be done?

This shit is for the "benefit" and "health" of Kiwi's?

Are you SO clueless to imagine that the percentage of Kiwi's awake and aware of all this shit is way past critical mass?

Perceive in your delusion you are.

Kiwi's, families, CHILDREN; those who sadly trust the govt, media and #tvnzpigshit we who are awake care deeply about

What happens to you "SUZY" nope. As here describes your final demise ⬇️ (includes the one your pet drug project is named after).
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