Larry Bacow just sent out this "I believe" email about loving the American Dream or whatever that doesn't make any mention of the ways that Harvard has specifically profited from the enslavement and exploitation of Black people, nor what reparations he intends to pay.
I was the Harvard and Slavery Research Associate for two years and have taught a seminar called "Harvard and Slavery" twice, so let's dispense with the "I Believe" and go to "I Know."

I know that Harvard was complicit in the enslavement of Black and Native people.
I know that Harvard benefited from donations from slave traders, sugar planters, and other enslavers.

I know Harvard invested its endowment in slavery-related industries.

I know that affiliation w/Harvard subsidized slave ownership by its faculty through tax exemptions.
I know that Harvard faculty dissected the bodies of Black people in the service of race science.

I know that Harvard faculty promulgated racial science that demeaned and demonized Black people.

I know that Harvard still has enslaved people's body parts on shelves in its museums
I know that Harvard has demeaned the claims made by the descendants of the enslaved people it exploited and continues to exploit. (see Lanier v. President and Fellows of Harvard College)

I know that Harvard has congratulated itself for erecting a couple of plaques.
I know that Harvard has repeatedly ignored calls for practical reparations from Antigua.

I know that Harvard has ignored the calls of @HarvardPDC, @Free_Renty, and other coalitions that have asked the institution to do better.
I know that Larry Bacow lives at Elmwood, a house built by Antiguan sugar planter Thomas Oliver in 1767 and inhabited by at least 11 enslaved people:

Young Jerry
More mail from @Harvard President Bacow. The university is celebrating Juneteenth! Not by, like, committing to reparations or anything. Just celebrating in a ponder-y sort of way.
Some ways Harvard could celebrate Juneteenth:

- apologize to Tamara Lanier and give back the daguerreotypes of her ancestors

- bury the remains of enslaved people currently sitting in museum storage

- destroy the nude anthropometric photos of Black alumni like WEB Du Bois
- divest from prisons and related industries

- disband the Harvard police

- re-invest money in Black communities and businesses

- stop ignoring the calls for reparations from the government of Antigua

- stop delaying reparative action with endless, aimless study
- partner with HBCUs to attract and administer federal grants in order to support the financial viability of HBCUs and support HBCU students and faculty

- invest in projects like the HBCU Green Fund to help HBCUs maintain financial stability and independence
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