#SantanSecrets thru Science&Logic- #KYD

-Truth of SHIVA LINGAM, Wrongly compared to Phallus (Male Organ)
-Secret Design &Unknown Truths of Shival Lingam !
-What is Time, Space & Higher Dimensions
-Secrets of Einstien's E=MC2
-Why Should I pour MILK on ShivaLingam?
Ling लिंग /Lingam Means a Symbol&Implier to visualize the person/object it is pointing to.
It Doesn't Mean an ORGAN
-Apple is Lingam for Steve Jobs
-Specs are Lingam for Mahatma Gandhi
-Stethoscope is Lingam for Doctor
-LionCapital is Lingam for the Republic of India
-स्त्रीलिंग-Feminine(Not FEMALE)
Names with 1,3,5 Syllables&Ending in LongVowel-कविता,अर्चना r Feminine
-पुलिंग-Masculine (Not MALE)
Names with 2,4,6 Syllables&Ending in ShortVowel-रवि, राम r Masculine
-These Names can be of -Activity,Human, Object
-NOTHING to do with Organ
4/n (शिश्न=Phallus), Then WHY was Lingam Linked ?
-Greeks&Romans Worshiped God of Fertility Bachhus
-His Symbol was Erect MaleOrgan=Phallus
-Eurpoeans Invaded India, Referred ShivLingam as Phallus
-Later thru FAKE Literature used it to Degrade us

We see only TopView of ShivaLingam & Think, that it only represents Shiva.
Architechture of Shivalingam:
1. Shiva/Rudra Bhaag (पूजान्श)=(आधार+संहार)
2.Vishnu Bhaag (पीठ)=(स्थिति)
3.Brahma Bhaag (नंध्यावर्त)=(सृष्टि)
4.Shakti (शक्ति) Prevailing in all the 3Bhaags
Refer Pic
6/n Some of the Shiva Lingams Excavated World over & See the similarity in previous pics.

We must Understand That We have Gradually been Reduced from
1) World Presence to SubContinent
2) Sub Continent to India
3) Now We Cannot Let India Break Further !

7/n Panchmahabut पंचमहाभूत Doesn’t mean Matter as u see, but SubAtomic String Type
-In South of Bharat, there exist पंचमहाभूत 5 Temples for Shiva
-Pls Refer Table Below
-Now You Know 100% that Lingam Cannot Mean Male Organ :)
-Now You can Just Smile🙂 &Guide Someone who says So
8/n SHIVA is Omnipresent as Consciousness &पंचमहाभूत In Synch with Trika Shakti

Types of AAKASH पंचमहाभूत (SPACE)
-तहर-आकाश (SoulSpace)
-घट-आकाश (Breathing+Inner Space)
-महा-आकाश (Universal Space)

When a Baloon bursts, its Air merges with Atmoshphere. Same happens to Soul
9/n Propertiesof TIME:

कृतन्ता(End of Action) is property of काल
-Time has to Both Activate & End an Action
-We Apply Force &Store energy in the Spring of TOY. This Fixes its Time/ Energy of Unwind
-So Does the Nature
-Shakti= FORCE Not Energy; Science Could Not Define Energy
10/n From Atom to Galaxies, there's a relative काल (Time Experience)
काल for
-For Atoms= Femtoseconds
-For HouseFly= 1 Lunar Month
-For ButterFly=1 Year
-For Humans=100Years
-For Brahma=10000 Galactic Years
-Shiva is External Observer & His Time Experience is Absolute (महाकाल)
'11/n As Per Vedanta
Force (Shakti)-> Creates Motion in Panchmahabhut-> Motion Leads to Matter
Reverse in Annihilation.
In below article find details about-
-What Types of Forces are there.
-How देवता Disappeared?
-Who Does What?
12/n 'Why Doesn’t Matter COLLAPSE, If 99.999...% of Atom is Empty Space ?
-How Actually Universe is Created ?
-What was Before Big Bang?
-Below find What is the Meaning of Higher Dimensions?

For Details- https://www.i4Kashmir.org/vedanta-science-secrets-of-the-universe-creation-annihilation-in-a-nutshell/
13/n Matter is classified as जड़ & चेतन
-Non Living (जड़)- Shakti+Mahabhut+ Non- Activated Consciouness
- LivingBeings (चेतन)- Shakti+Mahabhut+Activated Consciousness (to varied DEGREES)
Metal to Man=>Fully जड़ to Fully चेतन
NonLiving can become living if consciouness activated
14/n TRUTH of E=MC^2
Swami Vivekananda(1896) Met NikolaTesla(Serbian Great )&asked him to Mathematically Showcase VedanticPrinciple of Force <=>Mass (शक्ति <=> प्रकृति)
-Mileva Maric was the Wife of ALBERT EINSTIEN
-Tesla, Mileva Maric Knew Each Other
-Tesla Couldnt Work out
15/n -Tesla told Mileva, Vivekanda's Idea
-MilevaMaric was an Expert in Physics, in Field of electrodynamics&Motion
-In Physics, she had Scored same GradePoints as Einstien (5.5/6)
-She Assisted Einstien in Brownian Motion&TheoryOfRelativity
-E=Mc2 was Published in 1905
Refer Pic
16/n- Einstien Gave Mileva Nobel PRIZE Money, but newer Acknowledged her Role
-Many Important Letters Went on Missing
-They Finally Broke Off thru Divorce in 1919
-When he Gave her Nobel Prize Money Sh Said-He Could Keep the Glory, but I had the Prize
-Below Incidents are IMP
17/n Shiva Lingam is the Representation of :

-Consciousness, Mahabhut, Initiator,Destroyer-Para Shiva
-The Force Behind- Trika Shakti (परा, अपरा, परा-अपरा)
-The Creator of Our Dimension- Shree Brahma
-The Sustainer of Our Dimension- Shree Vishnu
18/n Types of Lingams are for
Purposes: Power to MentalPeace
Material- Stone to Mercury
But Let's Know Why
1- MILK,HONEY,CURD is Poured on ShivLingam?
2- Why Water Keeps Dripping on it?
3- Why we never Drink the Milk/Water on Lingam as प्रसाद , is it like water from Reactor 🤔
19/n Lingam is High Energy Consecrated=> High Molecular Motion=>Friction/Heat/Radiation
-Like Grease- Milk&Honey Stick on Lingam & get Absorbed
-Dripping Water On Top keeps it Wet/Cool All Day
-Prevents Cracking/Deforming Stone/Metal Lingam
-Wet Lingam Also Radiate Energy better
20/n ShivaLingam is Mathematically found to be Optimum Shape for Storage of Energy at One Place.
Just YourSelf have a Look at Nuclear Reactors World Over which store High Levels of Energy Produced in Fission Reaction
21/n Some Also Suggest that Shiva bears Striking similarities to Black Hole.
-Black Hole is Beyond Time- Time Stops inside Black Hole
-Galaxies Rotate around Dormant BlackHole
-When BlackHole is Active it Feeds on Entire Galaxy and Ends
-Please Explore Yourself the Possibilities
22/n So Next Time Somebody Argues you about Lingam You Know the Answer. 🙂
As a Collective Consciousness of Sadashiva , you and me are the #SanataniWarrior
Let our Present and Upcoming Generation know the truth.
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