Behold the mind of @mkobach

I organized and distilled his last 3,000 tweets into a summary of his big ideas, in three parts...

Part 1⃣: Social Media, Marketing, and Life Philosophy
Add value…
🔷People only read stuff that will benefit them
🔷People only care about what your brand can do for them
🔷Posting the wrong content can cost you your audience
🔷The more value you provide, the easier it is to attract
🔷I got you to read this by speaking to your needs
State your value…
🔷I’m just trying to make branded social media suck less
🔷I’m just trying to separate the wheat from the chaff
🔷I just try to tweet things people want to read
🔷I try to use words to simplify complex ideas
🔷I try to be a lighthouse for like-minded people
Follow wisely…
🔷Follow people who are better thinkers than you
🔷Follow people who are different thinkers than you
🔷Follow people who are better than you at what you do
🔷Follow what interests you
🔷Who you are on Twitter is largely dependent on who you follow on Twitter
Pay attention…
🔷Focus on other people’s needs, and surround yourself with people who do the same
🔷The most flattering thing you can do is to listen to someone
🔷Charismatic people make you feel like you’re the only person who matters
🔷Let the other person do the talking
Understand people…
🔷Understanding people is just as important as understanding platforms
🔷If you want to understand how people use technology to communicate, you first need to understand how people communicate without it
🔷Most people don’t voluntarily consume ads
Understand the medium…
🔷We weren’t designed to use social media; social media was designed to use us
🔷Social media would be more accurately described as social signaling
🔷“Social media” is more accurately described as “social status media”
🔷Use social media to channel desire
Tweet what you like…
🔷Tweet about things you’re passionate about
🔷Tweet about things you find interesting
🔷Tweet the stuff you’d like to see in your newsfeed
🔷Tweet the right stuff and eventually the right people find you
Learn by doing…
🔷If you want to understand something better, tweet about it
🔷A great way to better understand anything is to talk to people about it
🔷The best way to make sure knowledge sticks is to apply it
🔷The goal is to better understand yourself
Post, and post often…
🔷Tweeting helps you figure out who you are
🔷Kids learn stuff by jumping in and just going for it
🔷The more you do it the better you get
🔷You can’t become better at writing tweets without writing tweets
🔷Post at least one tweet every day
🔷You don't need more time (you need more focused time)
🔷You’re either doing one thing fully (or you’re doing multiple things partially)
🔷Take the time to do only one thing, deeply
🔷If you don’t know what you should be working on, everything is a distraction
Build for a rainy day…
🔷Take the time to build an engaged audience so when you have something you want people to hear, they are already eager to listen
🔷Build an engaged audience when you don't need to so you don't need to
🔷Exercise before you have to (so you don’t have to)
Be niche and be consistent…
🔷Start with a niche and expand from there
🔷Building a community on social media cannot be achieved by posting one great piece of content
🔷The value of an ad isn’t a single ad, it’s the accumulation of ads
🔷Post content that resonates over & over
Do what currently works…
🔷There’s the stuff that used to work and the stuff that currently works
🔷Never be married to an idea that used to work
🔷There are also a lot of social media “best practices” that were never true to begin with
Don’t forget, the content actually needs to be good…
🔷Focus on relevant content
🔷Focus on great content for social media
🔷Know what content won’t work
🔷Without quality, everything else is moot
Don’t forget, great content spreads…
🔷Create something that compels people to tell their friends
🔷Provide such an outstanding experience that people willingly share it with everyone they know
🔷Spend time figuring out how to get people to stop and watch your content
Write well…
🔷I scroll past poorly written tweets (and so does everyone else)
🔷A well-written tweet is a work of art
🔷Social media is a light medium, so write casually
🔷Communication is about subtracting every element that fails to increase the clarity of your message
Be honest (with yourself & others)…
🔷Being honest with who you are is a superpower
🔷Being honest about what your brand stands for is a superpower
🔷The more honest you are with yourself, the less anyone can hurt you
🔷The more honest the relationship, the more enjoyable it is
Reflections on stealing ideas…
🔷There’s no such thing as an original idea
🔷Everyone steals ideas. I just admit it
🔷All my best work is stolen
🔷Don’t copy style (find your own voice)
🔷No one can steal your ability to come up with ideas
Life advice for myself disguised as marketing advice for others…
🔷Be generous and give others the benefit of the doubt
🔷Life is a lot more fun when you don’t take it personally
🔷Laugh at yourself before anyone else can
🔷Don’t pay too much attention to the critics
In general..
🔷If you never ask, the answer is always “no”
🔷If people do it in real life, they will probably use social media to do it
🔷If you want someone to date you, first become someone worth dating
🔷If you want people to follow you, you better have something to say
In sum…
🔷If social media feels like work, you’re doing it wrong
🔷Pour yourself a drink
🔷Have some @ChipotleTweets
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