#VERIFIED #OperationHashtag

👉Reality of the hashtag- #Hinduphobic_Bollywood & how twitter trends are managed

👉Syndicates use private facebook groups to make such hashtags trend

👉I managed to get a source inside one such group who took me deep inside it. READ ON😁

👉This hashtag was trended because of #PatalLok which they feel is Hinduphobic

👉They began by trolling #PataalLok producer @AnushkaSharma & then @imVkohli

👉Soon it became about the entire bollywood & usual suspects came on their radar, like- @sonamakapoor & @ReallySwara

👉This pvt group has both men & women

👉Some of its members were SAD that #CycloneAmphan was trending above #Hinduphobic_Bollywood. How humane!

👉For instance, take a look at this comment made while celebrating hashtag's success by a member of this private Facebook group👇

👉The group has 8.2K members & is one of the many private FB groups running as part of a syndicate to make
discourse on twitter vitriolic

👉Run in very organized manner, with
dedicated members for composing
tweet content, choosing pics etc

👉Screenshot of the pvt group👇

👉Game begins with the admin posting a hashtag in the FB group

👉Other members start tweeting using the hashtag. They tag influencers

👉Tweets against their hashtag are also shared so that other members could attack the critics together

👉Screenshots of the pvt group👇

👉These private Facebook groups put in their might in hours long marathon tweeting to make Hindutva hashtags trend

👉Language used in these tweets is sexist, communal & abusive

👉It's a TRAP laid to attract responses from the 'other' side, which many end up falling for

6/8 👇
👉By sheer volume of tweets, these groups make a hate-filled & reaction-evoking hashtag trend

👉Eg- This group single-handedly trended #Hinduphobic_Bollywood the entire evening yday

👉Influencers from the 'other' side jumped in to counter BUT ended up helping this group

7/8 👇
👉All screenshots are of a PRIVATE FB group &were accessed by me through a whistleblower member

👉These are folks who spam your twitter & are NOT interested in exchange of views. Moral of the story is IGNORE THEM. Spend your twitter real estate on amplifying good journalism

👉TOOLKIT admin wrote names of JOURNALISTS. To tag, attack & for info

👉Makes them all liable for CRIMINAL stuff this group does? NO. But most of these 'Journalists' applied a different rule to target those named in Greta's tweet as info source

'Your dog tommy, our dog dog?'
👉Not shocking to see MOST of the names in this #TOOLKIT BUT why were names like @ravishndtv written?

👉To attack him. And others like @khanumarfa, @scroll_in, @newslaundry, @VinodDua7

👉Language used- 'Inpe VAAR karne ka samay hain' = Time to ATTACK/ASSAULT
#FarmersProtest was just an excuse for them to vent their hatred for Sikhs. Their hate for Sikhs is NOT NEW.

Here's a text in this TOOLKIT by affliated group's MODERATOR in May 2020.

Irked by Muslim-Sikh bond, he labeled these Sikhs as TRAITORS for SANITIZING Jama Masjid😔
👉A small team makes tweet #TOOLKIT consisting of texts, memes & GIFs

👉Team has experts like graphic designers

👉Other members simply copy-paste from a google document #TOOLKIT

👉Read members gleefully admitting how they tweet WITHOUT EVEN READING what they are tweeting
And there's panic in the group post my expose. Members wondering how their PRIVATE group's info got LEAKED. They call it an act by 'Vibishan'. That makes them 'Ravan'👺?

Also, THREATS to break my legs. Does it make all 8000+ members of this TOOLKIT LIABLE for this threat?😏
#OperationHashtag THREAD

👉FB Group also had a #TOOLKIT to target bollywood's Female actors whose names came up in Drugs probe

👉Intent in this was not to make the hashtag trend but to build a narrative against actors

👉Top Targets- @deepikapadukone & @ShraddhaKapoor
👉Here's how brainwashing works in such hate TOOLKITS

👉Everything in world is anti-Hindu. Anti-Hindu facebook, anti-Hindu constitution. Even 'HUMAN RIGHTS' are 'Hinduphobic'😂

👉Even Hindu Godmen who advocate secularism are not spared

👉Most chatter is against minorities
1️⃣6️⃣ #OperationHashtag

As shown in the 1st tweet, this FB group of 8000+ men & women targeted many celebrities on twitter including-

@AahanaKumra, @Its_Badshah, @RichaChadha, @konkonas, @sonamakapoor, @kalkikanmani, @VishalDadlani, @SethShruti, @humasqureshi & #KareenaKapoor.
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