was thinking about doing a one day one historical sapphist thread 👀
one historical sapphist a day, the paris lesbos edition🏛️🇫🇷
one historical sapphist a day, the sewing circle edition🌃📽️
one historical sapphist a day, the scissoringhurst edition🐶💌
day 1 : vita sackville-west

english novelist, poet and gardener; aristocrat who should have inherited knole and overall very lovable dumbass

works include novels : seducers in ecuador and all passion spent; poem collections : the land and the garden; gardens : sissinghurst
was this close to leave husband, children and country to elope with (the love of her life) violet keppel trefusis (1)

other lovers include virginia woolf (2) who wrote orlando after her, dorothy wellesley, mary campbell, evelyn irons, gwen st aubyn and chris st john
day 2 : una vincenzo, lady troubridge

british sculptor and translator; she has for example translated colette's work and introduced her to a british audience; romaine brooks painted her portrait (2)

she had a life-long relationship with english author radclyffe hall (3)
day 3 : dora carrington

english painter and decorative artist, she has close relationships with members of the bloomsbury group

lovers include lady ottoline morrell (photographer of 2 and 3) and american journalist henrietta bingham
here have some of her works, which i absolutely love
day 4 : alvilde lees-milne

british gardening and landscape expert

lovers include winnaretta singer and vita sackville-west (their husbands used to be lovers too); rumour has it that she also had a fling with violet trefusis
day 5 : mary garman campbell

the eldest of the garman sisters, known for their eccentric lifestyles and association with famous artists, writers and musicians

her most notable affair with a woman was with vita sackville-west, which sent her (abusive) husband in a jealous rage
day 6 : dorothy wellesley

english socialite, poet and literary editor (hogarth press), described by w.b. yeats as one of the 20th century greatest writers

lovers include vita sackville-west, for whom she left her husband in 1922, and later bbc radio producer hilda matheson
day 7 : evelyn irons

scottish journalist and war correspondent

she began an affair with vita sackville-west while in a relationship with a woman called olive rinder who, in turn, became vita's lover; they formed a menage-a-trois 'til evelyn met english journalist joy mcsweeney
day 8 : enid bagnold

british author and playwright, known for her novel national velvet

suspected of lesbianism with vita sackville-west (by michelle and me mostly lsdfjlksdfsdfk)
day 9 : valerie taylor

english stage actress, known for her role in berkeley square which she also performed on broadway and later on film

she entertained strong connections with members of the bloomsbury group (clive bell) and had an affair with vita sackville-west
day 10 : mabel batten

amateur singer of lieder, she was painted singing by john singer sargent (2); she was lady una troubridge's cousin

she had an affair with radclyffe hall (3) and possibly ethel smyth
day 11 : katherine mansfield

new zealand modernist short story writer and poet; woolf considered her as the only writer of whom she was jealous

lovers include māori tribal leader maata mahupuku, artist edith bendall, and later possibly dora carrington and dorothy brett (3)
day 12 : radclyffe hall

british writer; known for her novel the well of loneliness which was banned in the uk for its very apparent lesbianism

she loved and lived with lieder singer mabel batten (2); she then fell in love with the woman's cousin, una troubridge (3)
day 13 : edith craig

theatre director, producer, costume designer and early pioneer of the women's suffrage movement

she lived in a ménage à trois with dramatist christabel marshall (chris st john) and artist clare "tony" atwood (both seen in 3 with edith)
day 14 : ethel smyth

english composer and suffragette

lovers include suffragette leader emmeline pankhurst (getting arrested in 2), keyboard player violet gordon-woodhouse and music patron winnaretta singer; she fell in love with virginia woolf (3) at 71 but it was unrequited
day 15 : joe carstairs

wealthy british power boat racer; known for her "eccentric" lifestyle and appearance (she was tattooed)

famous lovers include dorothy wilde and actresses like marlene dietrich (carstairs snapshots of hers in 3), tallulah bankhead and greta garbo
day 16 : lady ottoline morrell

english aristocrat and society hostess

lovers could have included painter dora carrington and maria huxley (seen in 3 right at ottoline's side along with other members of the bloomsbury group)
day 17 : violet keppel (trefusis)

english socialite and author who spent her most of her life between england, paris and florence; she is camilla parker-bowles great aunt

she was vita sackville-west's soulmate; she also had a very long relationship with patron winnaretta singer
day 18 : virginia woolf

english modernist writer, known for her use of stream of consciousness

she had a love affair with vita sackville-west (3, with her sons), which did not end in 1928, and various friendships with sapphic ladies (ethel sands, ottoline morrell, ethel smyth)
day 19 : daphne du maurier

english author and playwright; novels include rebecca, my cousin rachel and jamaica inn

lovers included english actress gertrude lawrence; she was not out and i have to warn for internalised homophobia
day 20 : emmeline pankhurst

british political activist; she was the leader of the suffragette movement and had to go to prison 15 times through her fight for women's vote

lovers include other suffragettes such as ethel smyth (seen shielding her from getting arrested in 3)
day 21 : clare "tony" atwood

british painter, interested in a wide range of subjects

she formed a ménage à trois in kent with writer christabel marshall (chris st john) and actress edith craig (painted in 2); she also painted vita sackville-west as shakespeare's portia (3)
day 22 : maria huxley (née nys)

belgian woman, known for her association with british artists (and the bloomsbury group) through her marriage with english writer aldous huxley

she is rumoured to have had a love affair with socialite ottoline morrell (3)
day 23 : rosamund grosvenor

english aristocrat and socialite

she was vita sackville-west's (1 and 2) first actual lover; they met as children, rosamund became vita's bridesmaid (3, the photograph is damaged by the hand of vita's mother) and her first son's godmother
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