Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.
A true genuis ever to walk earth 🌎❤️
These were his significant designs:
AC motor, Carbon button lamp, Death ray, Induction motor, Plasma globe, Plasma lamp, Polyphase system, Radio control, Resonant inductive coupling, Rotating magnetic field, Teleforce, Telegeodynamics, Teleoperation...
Tesla's oscillator, Tesla turbine, Tesla valve, Torpedo[1], Vacuum variable capacitor, Violet ray, VTOL, Wardenclyffe Tower, Wireless power transfer, World Wireless System.

Here is an interesting video about Nikola Tesla below 👇👇
So why on Earth were we served with Einstein instead and told he was a genius. I tell you why because its ALWAYS ever about money. The satanic cult that run this world didn't want us to have the marvels that Tesla had to offer. It's an absolute disgrace!
After Nikola Tesla was found dead in January 1943 in his hotel room in New York City, representatives of the U.S. government’s Office of Alien Property seized many documents relating to the brilliant and prolific 86-year-old inventor’s work.
It was the height of World War II, and Tesla had claimed to have invented a powerful particle-beam weapon, known as the “Death Ray,” that could have proved invaluable in the ongoing conflict.
So rather than risk Tesla’s technology falling into the hands of America’s enemies, the government swooped in and took possession of all the property and documents from his room at the New Yorker Hotel.
What happened to Tesla’s files from there, as well as what exactly was in those files, remains shrouded in mystery—and ripe for conspiracy theories. After years of fielding questions about possible cover-ups, the FBI finally declassified
some 250 pages of Tesla-related documents under the Freedom of Information Act in 2016. The bureau followed up with two additional releases, the latest in March 2018
A lot of information be found here: 
So what's going on with Patent number 381,970 at the moment? Well here with have the information about this patent. Are we in for a big surprise soon? As you can see from the image below its linked to the Whitehouse.
Well let's think about this and I will now introduce you to the extremely clever mind of @VdarknessF
And here you have your mega
And wow what's this in Germany too 😮👇
Next I have found this video, I think you will enjoy this one.
I have also dug out some of the patents too, so that you can see for yourself. 👇👇
A company called Vizi Technologies seem to be paving the way for this. You can check on the link below 🧐👇 
More Tesla genius 🙏👇
Here we have some close up footage of the Tesla Tower plus what seems to be its brother. Exciting times ahead, I truly hope that they fire these bad boys up very soon 🥰🙏💖
NetHunterX: Let me show you what the 3,6,9 means. Its quite incredible and literally a key to the Universe and traveling it. Here's a 35 minute video or Marko Rodin explaining the importance of 3,6,9 and prime numbers. 👇
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