so as long as there's holocaust discourse going on, anyone want to talk about the way the Nazis modeled their ideology and practice on the centuries-long genocide of Native Americans, hired IBM to automate their killing processes, and then escaped justice with US assistance?
and that's just the beginning. US press magnate William Randolph Hearst was enamored with the Nazis and printed propaganda straight from the Gestapo.
IBM knew full well what the Nazis wanted to use their punch card filing system for.
The Nazis openly cited the example of the British concentration camps during the second Anglo-Boer War, as well as Hearst's anti-Soviet fabrications (see thread above), to justify their own.
"The bar set by the Nazis is not the bar required to be considered genocide." 
Goebbels lied about the Soviets to distract from the Nazi camps. The US empire wields Holocaust exceptionalism to shield itself and its proxies from discussion, let alone investigation, of their crimes.
More on that in this thread:
before I wrap up, I forgot to add how US eugenicists inspired Nazi eugenics.
Last but not least, the US and UK recruited heavily from the Nazi Wehrmacht in order to build NATO, including chief of staff Adolf Heusinger.
On top of the open recruitment, NATO was used to support the "stay-behind armies" the Nazis had clandestinely deployed all over Europe. Daniele Ganser wrote one of the best books on the subject, "NATO's Secret Armies." PDF link in thread:
"Blowback" is frequently recommended reading, but as seen in this excerpt, Christopher Simpson deliberately avoids connecting the Nazi project with its Anglo/US origins. Instead he calls US Nazi recruitment a "disaster" ... because it let the USSR break "legitimate" US spy rings.
Putting the Nazi project into its proper context is key to understanding WWII, the Holocaust, and the Cold War. I've heard it said that the Cold War really began in 1942, when the Red Army broke the German siege of Moscow. But even that doesn't completely explain the "why."
A better starting point for the Cold War might instead place it in July of 1918, when it became clear to the UK and US that the Whites were losing, and they invaded Archangelsk and Vladivostok.
The British Army used chemical weapons against the Soviets in the summer of 1919, only stopping when the weather became uncooperative.
SIS (aka MI6) proudly states on their official history that "the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia and their establishment of a communist state became the Service's main focus after the war."
Interwar Germany was riddled with British agents, and even after the Nazis had taken power SIS remained more concerned with the Communists than the Nazis.
In "Trading with the Enemy", Higham writes about the creation of the Bank for International Settlements, ostensibly for settling German obligations under the Treaty of Versailles, but actually for the investment of US and UK capital in the Reich.
In the months leading up to WWII, the Soviet Union attempted to secure an alliance against Nazi Germany. The British deliberately stalled and sabotaged the negotiations.
This presents a compelling case that Nazi Germany was built up to serve as a proxy army against the Soviet Union by the Anglo-US capitalist empire. The US Army did not race to Berlin to put an end to the Nazis; it raced to Berlin to save its investment in the Nazis.
Therefore, the Holocaust might be said to be the culmination of hundreds of years of genocidal practices by European settlers. Perhaps what made it so horrifying and "exceptional" to European sensibilities was that it took place in their backyard rather than far-off colonies.
My intent here was to highlight British barbarity, unfortunately my hasty summary may have implied the opposite. To clarify, they gassed Russian peasants in 1919 and the weather was apparently the only reason they stopped.
Another thread going into the origins of lebensraum: while the UK and US certainly used Germany as a proxy, and influenced it, Nazi ideology was rooted firmly in German imperialism.
Few more points I missed: Henry Ford used his money-losing newspaper to circulate anti-Semitic propaganda all over the US and Europe. 
In 1931, GM completed their acquisition of Opel, while Ford built their Ford Werke in Cologne. Together, GM and Ford built most of the trucks that were the backbone of the Wehrmacht.
GM wrote-off its Opel assets in 1941, which gave it a tax break of $22.7 million in 1942. The US government then effectively gifted those assets back to it after the war in 1948.
Going back to Ford, the work that he based "The International Jew" on was a fabrication of the Tsar's secret police, a twisted parody of Maurice Joly's satirical "A Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu."
Both US and Canadian immigration officials accused Jewish refugees of being Communist agents in order to deny them entry, echoing and reinforcing the propaganda circulated by Ford, Hearst, and others.
One of those others was Kansas preacher Gerald Winrod, who in his "Defender" paper printed Congressman John E. Rankin's vitriolic 1943 House speech that blamed "communistic Jews" for "deceiving" the Black victims of pogroms in Detroit and Texas that summer.
After the war the US relied on these anti-Semitic sentiments to purge communists from Jewish organizations during the second Red Scare. Zionism thus became the only "permissible" international Jewish movement in the US.
Once the purge had been accomplished, the prewar propaganda became less useful to the bourgeoisie. JTA seemingly expressed relief when Rankin lost his Congressional seat in 1952, mainly because he would no longer be trying to associate them with communism.
Soviet historian Yuri Ivanov noted in Caution: Zionism! (1970) that historically Jews (going back to the Babylonian Jews under the rule of Cyrus) had little interest in returning to Palestine. Zionism required anti-Semitism in order to have a purpose.
Ivanov quotes Henry Morgenthau: "From August 1942 on, we in Washington knew that the Nazis were planning the complete extermination of the Jews in Europe. For one and a half years after the barbarous plan had become known, the State Department did practically nothing at all."
In 1944 the Hungarian Zionist organization played a critical part in delivering 10,000 trucks to the Eastern Front for the Nazis.
With the defeat of the Nazis, the Zionists positioned themselves as eager proxies for US imperialism, thus giving a reason for the postwar purge of communists from US Jewish organizations.
"The decisive factors for getting this mass of people into Palestine were British colonialism and later US neo-colonialism each of which accordingly made use of the anti-Semitism of the 1900–1920 counter-revolution in Europe, fascism and the devastation wrought by the war."
It therefore does not seem inaccurate to say that the Holocaust was viewed by imperialists as a "necessary evil" for the colonization of Palestine and the Levant, who attempted to conceal their role in carrying this out by declaring war on their Nazi proxies.
The support of the imperialists in the UK and US for the Nazi project, then, served two purposes:
1) It sought to destroy Soviet power and allow for the colonization of Eastern Europe.
2) It provided ample "justification" for the colonization of Palestine and the Levant.
No surprise at all the Nazis cribbed heavily from the US colonial playbook. Hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon B) was first used as a pesticide in 1880s California, while the first gas chamber was built in Nevada in 1924.
From another useful thread, some of the data shared by American eugenicists with their Nazi counterparts:
"The Germans claimed that their 1933 sterilization law was influenced by the American precedent, and indeed their initial program was closely modeled after Harry Laughlin’s work."

3 years later Laughlin received an honorary degree from U. of Heidelberg.
At a meeting of Nazi lawyers on June 4, 1934, the transcript shows the lawyers were quite familiar with American "Jim Crow" laws. James Whitman quotes from this transcript in "Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law."
He goes on to provide a summary of the work of Heinrich Krieger, "a young Nazi lawyer who had just returned to Germany from Arkansas, where he spent two semesters as an exchange student at the University of Arkansas Law School in 1933–34."
"Krieger’s heroes were Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln."

Whitman then notes that "Race Law in the United States" included Lincoln's pre-war statements on the necessity of resettlement, which precisely matched the policy of expulsion stated in the Nuremberg Laws.
Since it wasn't mentioned explicitly in the other threads I linked in, here's a quick primer on the Dulles brothers. Allen Dulles' assets "included his old friend Thomas McKittrick, the American president of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel"
Hugo Turner has a very detailed article on the Dulles brothers on his blog:
The present conditions in the US, and every part of the world it touches with its mailed fist, are related to these fascist designs going back many decades. Despite changes over the years the general sketch remains visible.
For example: eugenics papers published in a "reputable" US scientific journal, in 2019.
Or in Canada:
This is just what's visible at the surface.
In 1939 the German-American Bund held a Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden, which was protected by the NYPD. Smithsonian Magazine's concluding remarks on it downplay it as "taboo" during the war. But what happened with the 20,000 attendees? ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
Dieter and Joachim Schroeder, a German journalist and his filmmaker son, put together a documentary titled Hitler's American Business Partners: US Company Earned in the War. However, only the Hungarian release appears on Amazon-owned IMDB.
The English release of the full documentary is (at least for now) available on Youtube.
German version:
This thread has some bits I missed, such as one of Losurdo's many gems in which he notes that the "Untermensch" cornerstone of Nazi ideology originated in a translation of US white supremacist Lothrop Stoddard's 1922 book "The Menace of the Under Man"!
Considering the Nazis modeled their ideology and practice on the genocidal examples of the US and British empire, and were armed and financed by US industrialists, these appalling survey results are absolutely predictable.
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