This is an evolving list of irregular/disturbing issues I’ve found around Covid-19. There is a loooot more. Full report, all sources linked: ‘COVID-19. Plandemic. Profit. Fallout.’
Australia has signed WHO’s International Health Regulations. IHRs are legally binding, we have to do what WHO says. We didn’t elect WHO, yet they control Aus gov health policy.
WHO’s site said ‘tests might detects covid-19, but might also detect other strains genetically similar to covid’. So- everything? The common cold? WHO now deleted this, link below is archived version of site.
In 2009, Euro Parliamentary Inquiry found WHO fraudulently declared swine flu a ‘pandemic’. This activated sleeping contracts with Big Pharma + countries. Aus gov fudged swine flu stats to scare ppl. Ordered huge quants of unnecessary vaccines $$
Australia’s drug regulator TGA says they don’t even know if Covid tests work or not. Possible false positive AND false negatives. If you had seasonal coronavirus last year that can cause false positive.
Social media platforms fighting covid ‘misinformation’. All now working with US DOD, CIA etc. ‘Fake news’ decided by an organisation which is funded by international governments, corporations & military industrial complex. My research: Submission #5
The Aus Covid Bio Security Act 2015 supersedes all other laws. We have no rights. Under Act, we can be forcibly detained, forced medication/vaccine by a ‘human biosecurity officer’. WTF
Aus gov’s National Covid-19 Coordination Commission Exec Board advisors include billionaires, international tax dodgers and Jane Halton - who was on the panel of that creepy Bill Gates/WEF/Johns Hopkins ‘predictive pandemic’ high level scenario Event 201
Johns Hopkins ran Event 201 ‘predictive pandemic’ event w Gates Foundation. Now partnering w Rockefeller Foundation to promote mass bio surveillance. JH + RF conducted illegal medical experiments in 40s, compared to Nazi experiments.
Indian Parliamentary Inquiry alleged Gates Foundation, GSK & Merck were conducting illegal medical experimentation on 26,000 kids. Some died, horrific injuries. “Blatant violations of all ethical norms” Gov approved & facilitated trials. (Link not working, have to search for it)
Victorian State Gov has financial history w GSK. Includes Andrews gov investment/partnership w GSK + Monash to fund the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre. Vic officials said they would make covid vaccine mandatory. Who profits here? 
The Doherty Institute doing gov’s Covid modelling. However, ALSO developing vaccine, with $ from taxpayers & Jack Ma Foundation (Alibaba- supplies drug products). Are they incentivised to advise prolonged lockdown, til their vaccine ready?
Example: Turnbull gov passed 'No Jab, No Pay' Bill. Parliament ignored Human Rights Committee saying human rights incompatibilities & passed anyway. Turns out Turnbull had $ invested in Big Pharma & his wife was on board of vaccine company.
WHO receives billions in funding from pharmaceutical companies.
Gavi (global vaccine alliance) founded by WHO, World Bank, Gates Foundation & Rockefeller Foundation.
Gavi/WHO/Microsoft founded ID2020. Goal is for every person on earth to have digital identity. Includes linking this to digital vaccine/immunisation records
I found a 1987 WHO bulletin saying “the world stands to gain immeasurably from immunological methods of fertility regulation...” Paper mentions major candidate for vaccine development is hCG;jsessionid=44F3AFD81A7004C8E7BF56F1D92498B4?sequence=1
The NCCC Board advises Aus gov on Covid-19 social & economic decisions. Parliament’s cancelled, while this unelected board of mining magnates, international tax dodgers, billionaires and vaccine developers are deciding where billions of taxpayer money goes
Murdoch Media & Big Pharma - collaborating to promote a Covid-19 vaccine? Taxpayer-funded mandatory vaccinations are Big Pharma holy grail
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