Thread: Globalist Organizations (Part 1)

1) Various groups functioning in unison have been involved in the covert globalist revolution known as the New World Order (NWO). Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, elaborates further in this 1989 interview.
2) These groups appear to the public as separate initiatives with little political influence, but in reality, they are quite the opposite. In the second part of this riveting interview, Brzezinski mocks “conspiracy theorists” as “kooks” while defending the Trilateral Commission.
3) Brzezinski, in this more recent interview from C-SPAN’s Q & A on March 27, 2007, says of such organizations: “We know what they are, we know what they do, we probably exaggerate their influence in many cases, but most important of all, they operate overtly.”
4) I suppose that in addition to teaching courses at Columbia and Harvard, Brzezinski also had a side gig doing stand-up comedy. On a more serious note, however, think about the fundamental nature of a psychopath before letting his comments sink in.
5) His statement is unequivocally false, because these groups don’t have top to bottom transparency regarding their activities – nor do they actively cooperate with the public. Additionally, everything is buried underneath layers of ideological “fluff.”
6) Unfortunately, although Brzezinski died in 2017, his malicious influence still lives on through the events playing out today. He co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller in 1973 and played a significant role in advancing the elites’ sinister NWO agenda.
7) As mentioned earlier, various deceptive organizations are involved in this globalist revolution. The end result would be a one-world government with a society resembling “neo-feudalism” or a modern-day version of European feudalism from the Middle Ages.
8) Some of the major groups involved in bringing about a one-world government include the RAND Corporation, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Round Table, Royal Institute for International Affairs and various large tax-exempt foundations.
9) The existence of these organizations cannot be denied; it is a matter of public record. However, they are not the well-intentioned groups that they claim to be – not even remotely.
10) The fact that millions of people haven’t yet taken to the streets to demand the complete dismantling of each one of these morally degenerate globalist organizations is immensely perplexing and disturbing, to say the least.
11) Essentially, this is no different from the general public unwittingly consenting to its own enslavement and slow genocide at the hands of the federal government. This isn’t an exaggeration by any means.
12) Author Mark M. Rich claims: “When the US Congress examined some of these organizations in the 1950s, they were able to glimpse behind their ideology...despite their seemingly positive intentions, they were in fact installing a global government.” 
13) As I noted in my thread on pathocracy, psychopaths create groups for the sole purpose of obtaining power. They will conceal these groups with any sort of deceptive ideology that professes only the most benevolent and humanitarian purposes.
14) However, the reality is that once you strip away the ideological mask, there is nothing but moral and psychological disease underneath. What lies behind virtually every ideology promoted by these globalist groups is massive corruption, filth, degeneracy and criminality.
15) In 1891, a wealthy group of men in Great Britain came together to form an organization known as the Round Table. This group has also gone by other names, including Milner Group, Times Crowd, All Souls Group, etc.
16) The leader of this group was a multimillionaire named Cecil Rhodes, who envisioned the creation of “a master/slave society based upon the principles of eugenics as derived from Plato's Republic.” 
17) Prominent members of this group included: Arthur Balfour, Lord Rothschild, Lord Alfred Milner, Lionel Curtis and H.G. Wells.
18) Rhodes died in 1902 but left a fortune in his trust, which was used to finance the group during the ensuing years.
19) In 1925, wealthy families associated with international banking and private foundations began making significant contributions to the Round Table.
20) The purpose of the Round Table was to expand the British Empire globally and bring all the major countries of the Earth under the rule of the British Crown. David Icke is a shill, but he does provide an acceptable summary of the Round Table here.
21) The Rhodes Scholarship, a program at Oxford University that enables students to learn elitist concepts, was funded by a portion of Rhodes’ fortune.
22) From the years 1910 to 1915, the Round Table studied the causes of the American Revolution and extracted lessons from it to use moving forward. According to Rich, “They discussed more subtle and efficient methods for expanding the empire globally.” 
23) Military operations were deemed too costly and overt. Thus, the group determined that establishing bonds of economic captivity in all target countries was a much more effective method of enforcing the rule of the British Empire.
24) The Round Table eventually decided to change the name British Empire to Commonwealth of Nations. By 1915, the organization had established informal groups for discussion and lobbying in America, Canada, Australia, South Africa and India.
25) These informal groups would be used to recruit the political, financial and educational leaders of each target country.
26) The American branch of the Round Table, informally known as the Eastern Establishment, played a significant role in American history during the 20th century. It included wealthy East coast families that formed financial alliances, such as Rockefeller, Whitney, Morgan, etc.
27) The group functions through a network of banks, insurance companies, utilities and various other corporations. Additionally, it has sheltered its financial endowments through the use of foundations, academic centers and other tax-exempt organizations.
28) The Eastern Establishment is outside of parties. It began to influence both major political parties in 1880. By 1900, the organization had gained considerable control over both parties.
29) The Eastern Establishment is centered in New York. There are satellite bases in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago and Boston.
30) In 1919, the Round Table began creating what are known as “front groups” when they formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), also known as Chatham House.
31) This kicked off a toxic pattern of psychopathic consolidation of power by the global ruling class, which continued over the course of the next century – all the way up until now. The elites appear to be close to their objective of forming a technocratic one-world government.
32) Front groups enabled the Round Table to formally, yet stealthily, expand its ideas of British imperialism.
33) Additional RIIA front groups sprung up throughout all the major British dominions, including America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, China and the Soviet Union. This web of corruption spread all across the developed world.
34) On its website, the RIIA claims that it “is independent and owes no allegiance to any government or to any political body.” This statement is laughable and resembles nothing more than sheer mockery at this point. 
35) In 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was officially established in America as a counterpart of the RIIA. This was arguably one of the most devastating events to occur in America during the 20th century.
36) J.P. Morgan initially ran and financed the CFR.
37) The CFR incorporated 13 others from the Morgan Bank as members of a council. There were other prominent members early on, including Allen Dulles and Paul Warburg (co-creator of the Federal Reserve).
38) Key members of the CFR were also involved in the creation of Nazi Germany; however, that is a subject for another thread.
39) The CFR utilizes various media outlets to exert control over public opinion. Some of these outlets include the Washington Post, New York Times, New York Herald Tribune and Christian Science Monitor.
40) On that note, here is an example of the notoriously low-quality Washington Post shilling for globalism.
41) The CFR is comprised of international bankers, members of various think tanks, ambassadors, former presidents, lobbyists, media owners, university presidents, Supreme Court and federal judges, and military leaders from the DoD and NATO, among others.
42) The group is also deeply intertwined with various major think tanks and tax-exempt foundations.
43) The CFR describes itself as a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that exchanges ideas geared towards the understanding of foreign policy.
44) The core members of the CFR are among the chief driving forces of US government policy. Many high-ranking US government officials are recruited into the CFR.
45) This basically means that any government policies influenced by the CFR will only cater to the psychopathic elite.
46) Despite its surface-level appearance as an innocent forum for exchanging ideas, the actual goal of the CFR is to establish the NWO. The CFR is a vehicle of corruption that aims to create a neo-feudalistic one-world dictatorship under the control of a few wealthy families.
47) It is critical to see the pattern with such organizations. They can use all the benevolent wording, nice rhetoric and euphemisms in the world, but until they give me full transparency and accountability all across the board, I have no reason to even remotely trust them.
48) Hopefully by now you get the basic idea: The CFR is nothing more than a genocidal group of influential psychopaths conspiring against humanity to bring about the neo-feudalistic, technocratic NWO.
49) Once you peel away all of its ideological layers, the CFR represents nothing more than a bunch of sick, degenerate losers of the highest order; these are thoroughly immoral, dishonest, cowardly, repulsive, deranged, filthy, violent and dangerous people.
50) The terrorist threat posed by the CFR – yes, terrorist threat – poses a grave danger to all of humanity. Needless to say, the CFR must be purged from American soil with the utmost urgency.
51) The United Nations (UN), founded on October 24, 1945 and headquartered in New York City, is another major driving force behind one-world government. The UN, similar to the CFR, is a very insidious, sick and two-faced organization.
52) The UN hides behind an agenda of achieving world peace and facilitating cooperation in the areas of international law, economic development and human rights. It also aims to prevent wars, although that part clearly hasn’t worked out too well.
53) The UN uses multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its nefarious missions, including the World Bank (WB), World Health Organization (WHO), World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).
54) The elites intend to use the UN as the controlling center for a one-world government. Many observant researchers have also indicated that the UN serves as a front for the international bankers.
55) The CFR wants to replace the US Constitution with the UN Charter, which is essentially a charter for global communism. I’m guessing they never consulted the general public about it, though.
56) The financial elite continued their infiltration of the US government with the formation of the Trilateral Commission in 1973. The organization was co-founded by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller to seize control of the federal government.
57) The Trilateral Commission orchestrated the presidency of Jimmy Carter in 1976.
58) At that point in time, the establishment needed to remake its image; hence, the elites used the mainstream media to portray Carter as an innocent outsider who cared about human rights.
59) Of course, Carter was just another corrupt puppet of the global ruling class. Both Carter and his vice-president Walter Mondale were members of the Trilateral Commission.
60) Once he secured the presidency, Carter installed other Trilateral Commission members into key, high-level positions such as secretary of state (Cyrus Vance) and UN ambassador (Andrew Young).
61) The Trilateral Commission essentially served as yet another corrupt vehicle to further advance the cancerous infiltration of the US government by psychopathic elites, and President Jimmy Carter was used as the catalyst for this.
62) The Bilderberg Group is an elite group that meets every spring to create global policy. These meetings occur in varying locations around the world.
63) The group was founded in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a former member of the Nazi SS. Its first annual conference was held at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands.
64) The Rockefellers and Rothschilds were also heavily involved in the creation of the Bilderberg Group.
65) Members are composed of European nobility, Wall Street investors, military leaders, international bankers, media executives and more. Around 100 members attend regularly.
66) Major policies that have worldwide significance are decided at Bilderberg Group meetings. For example, the plan for the euro was created by the Bilderbergers.
67) The creation of the euro was a huge step towards the NWO, making it easier for international banks to consume smaller banks. A one-world, digital currency is being prepared for the eventual one-world government.
68) Researchers who have studied the Bilderberg Group warn that it aims to create a one-world dictatorship under the guise of a fake democracy. Do not be fooled by its seemingly humanitarian objectives; the Bilderbergers, like the rest of the elites, are obsessed with raw power.
69) The Bilderberg Group has exerted influence over the White House ever since its inception during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidency in the 1950s. It is deeply interlocked with the CFR and Trilateral Commission.
70) Mark M. Rich claims in his book “New World War” that these three globalist organizations are “accustomed to selecting and ‘owning’ the president of the US.” This assertion does not surprise me at all. 
71) In this video, Mike Pompeo and Henry Kissinger are spotted at the last Bilderberg Group meeting in 2019. Note the secrecy with which these demons operate. It's absurd that those who raise valid questions about their activities are derided as “conspiracy theorists.” Enough.
72) Newsflash: The world’s most powerful people are literally meeting and conspiring in secret, over and over again, while repeatedly doling out ideological “empty calories” to the 99% year after year in an endless cycle of hollow propaganda and thoroughly meaningless bullshit.
73) There is nothing “theoretical” about any of this. This is a massive web of demonstrable psychopathic and conspiratorial activity that has extended its toxic reach into virtually every aspect of our society – with our unwitting consent.
74) In part 2, I will cover international bankers, the Federal Reserve, major tax-exempt foundations and other key organizations advancing the cause of globalism.
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