“During 8 years of last administration our country was “sold out” to China. The Obama administration signed over USA rights of eminent domain to China. China was given rights to purchase any federally controlled land for its own purposes right beneath our feet...” Scott Kesterson https://twitter.com/dmills3710/status/1253881873538748418
“They encouraged purchase of US corporations by China. China, rather than go through @FTC where they would purchase “a majority control shares in a corporation they began to buy a significant control shares of 30-40% that didn’t need federal approval.”
“We are seeing end game play out with push for vaccinations & people are standing up & saying no.”

“The entire system is being exposed.”

“The people stand with the President with deep faith & commitment.”
“Be strong & courageous, do not fear or be in dread for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

@POTUS @BardsOfWar @GenFlynn @freedomcaucus
#China #UN Police Training Center is in China https://twitter.com/death_nwo/status/1273226414255374336
#China #UN Police Training Center is in China & HQ is in New York & Has Aligned with UN Military - All Controlled by UN Security Council https://twitter.com/dmills3710/status/1298459948691718149
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