In reaction to this thread of @MLiebreich (with reactions of @bryworthington) let me explain why I think eTrucks (not hydrogen, not trucks with catenary overheads) will corner most of the 40 tonnes heavy semi-trucking market and outcompete diesel.
In 2017 I reacted when the @IEA came out with their "the future of trucks" report two years back (update here in which they left out electric trucks.

First I reverse engineered their calculations. See picture.
I added the scenario of an electric truck with 400 km range. I found it blew diesel and hydrogen out of the water with very little downsides. (Catenary is great too but requires international institutional cooperation: I'm not holding my breath.)
Sanjay Dinker wrote his master thesis for me on the characteristics of such a truck, using the @Tesla Semi as a background.

Among others, we determined a modern truck would need 1.3 kWh/km on average.
I also studied how companies around the Port of Rotterdam drive around. Turns out 80-90% of trucks drive 500-750 km a day and come home to their depot. Picture shows regional and national transporters. (Dutch study)
So that means a 1.3*750=975 kWh or 1 MWh battery can provide almost all trucks with the means to drive all day and charge overnight in the garage.

"Such a large battery is so heavy that it becomes impossible to take anything with you!" is what many people say. Well... not quite.
Frans Verbruggen and I determined that you save a whopping 3t if you redesign your truck with electric motors close to or in the wheels.
And I cheered on the @transenv initiative that got zero emission trucks a and others to implement an extra weight allowance of 2 tonnes in the EU. So electric trucks in the EU can carry a 5 tonnes battery without losing cargo. Their max cargo capacity is just 1t less!
This is important: 40t trucks cause the most CO2 emissions of all freight transport types.

If we electrify them we also use batteries to maximum effect because these trucks save an unparalleled amount of CO2 (and money!) per kWh of battery.
This slide regularly pops up in my timeline now. Errors imho:

Not aware of the 3t (6600 lbs) drivetrain advantage.

Battery 8.5 kg/kWh instead of the 6 kg/kWh that I got by basing it on current battery tech.

Energy use 1.6 kWh/km is non-optimized truck.
Also nice to mention: @M_Steinbuch and I have now supervised 3 master students on electric trucks. I just don't get around to writing it all up properly.
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