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1) Throughout history, specific types of characters seem to be the cause of countless acts of human degradation, including wars, torture and genocide, among many others.
2) Humanity has been unable to consistently recognize and stop such characters due to their thoroughly bizarre thought-processes. Such people are primarily known as psychopaths. See my thread below for a deep dive into psychopathy.
3) An entire field of study was created to help understand this destructive cycle, known as “political ponerology” (derived from the Greek word “poneros,” meaning evil).
4) Within society, psychopaths create small active networks to advance their objectives, with the primary consideration being how they will gain control over the population.
5) People belonging to such networks will often seek positions of power and political influence. Their lust for power is seemingly insatiable.
6) A very important point to note is that such people will seek to create a society which is THEIR version of a utopia – that is, a society in which they are not rejected by normal people for their psychopathic tendencies. This puts large populations at great risk of harm.
7) In such a society – run by psychopaths – normal people would be forced to submit to them and be forced to view reality in their deviant way. This is precisely what has been happening all over the world for centuries, if not longer.
8) Most importantly, the deranged architects of such repulsive, upside-down societies have power over normal people. They are prepared to hurt and kill any number of normal people in order to achieve this twisted utopia for themselves.
9) A visible military invasion is not required to take over an entire country. A country’s governing structure can be usurped surreptitiously without the general public even knowing about it.
10) Aside from war, there are two primary methods by which a conspiratorial group can take over the governing structure of a country: coup d’état (overthrow) and infiltration.
11) A coup d’état is “the sudden, violent overthrow of an existing government by a small group.” This is one of the primary methods used to install a dictatorship.
12) With an infiltration, however, conspirators seize control of a nation more slowly and without being completely identified with the nation. This is precisely what has occurred in the USA and all across the Western world.
13) Infiltration occurs more slowly than an outright overthrow. Initially, the conspirators will partner with other groups and parties and develop the regime in stages. The complete totalitarian traits only emerge after a period of time.
14) During this period of time, the group establishes complete control over the rest of the government and society.
15) Initially, only the top offices of decision-making and administration are occupied by the conspiratorial group. Normal people in these positions are gradually replaced and the number of people killed is kept to a minimum.
16) Once the usurpers have wrestled control of the top offices of government, they can easily take control of the rest of the country from there.
17) Throughout the takeover, a rigorous “negative selection” process occurs where normal individuals are replaced by individuals with psychopathic and other malevolent psychological traits.
18) Gradually, all government offices are taken over, and eventually this extends to the legal system, academia, mainstream media, and economy.
19) After the organization has attained a sufficient number of psychopathic individuals, its upper-echelon members can loosen their outward façade of normalcy and relax. This enables them to openly and formally discuss ideas that are morally sick, such as abortion and war.
20) Such a morally sick government is called a “pathocracy.” Mark M. Rich, in his explosive book “New World War,” aptly describes a pathocracy as “a sick democracy run by a group of psychopaths that rules over a society of mostly normal people.”
21) Rich continues, “The attributes of a psychopathic state begin at the top and eventually affect every factory, business, city, town, and smallest village.”
22) “In such a system, the development of every area of social life is controlled by the pathocracy, including the economy, culture, science, and technology. The regulation of areas of the social sciences such as psychology and psychiatry are of primary importance.”
23) What’s also important to observe is that people who are highly empathetic and compassionate usually aren’t interested in power. Thus, positions of power will usually be ceded to people with predatory and psychopathic characteristics.
24) Usually, in a free society, the presence of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as family and religious organizations, sports clubs, student associations, human rights organizations, etc. would (in theory) be a beneficial characteristic.
25) Unfortunately, however, the NGOs are usually among the very first organizations to be infiltrated by psychopaths, sociopaths, and other predatory and malicious individuals.
26) The psychopathic group uses a combination of seemingly beneficial ideas to gain support of the public. This is known as an “ideology,” such as liberalism or conservatism. However, ideologies are nothing more than masks for a network of psychopaths controlling a government.
27) The ideology is a vision that promotes obedience to conformity. It conceals the true nature of the psychopathic group in control, enables the group to justify its vile activities, and is the basis for the propaganda it uses to manipulate the masses.
28) Ideologies can be used to conceal the system after its establishment and spread it to other countries across the globe.
29) As Rich describes, “All leadership positions in a pathocracy, including police units, secret police, and proponents of the pathocracy itself – down to the leaders of every single community – are occupied by individuals exhibiting psychological anomalies as a rule.”
30) Intellectual and professional skills are not considered when filling these positions, making it relatively easy for psychopathic individuals (who otherwise are merely below-average-to-average in intelligence and other applicable skills) to make their way into such positions.
31) The regime utilizes a secret police force (also known as the political police) in order to generate complete submission to its control. This secret police force is developed in the latter stages of the takeover.
32) The secret police are concerned with neutralizing both actual internal enemies as well as potential enemies.
33) The streets need to be controlled in order to properly install and maintain a totalitarian regime. In order to do this, the secret police recruit a small percentage of the civilian population.
34) Thus, there is really no such thing as a so-called “Deep State.” There is only the State, and it is fully entrenched – in plain view – extending its arms into every segment of society, down to virtually every last neighborhood and street corner.
35) Civilians recruited by the secret police (who unofficially work for the State) are brainwashed into thinking that an internal enemy exists who must be watched. This is how they are tricked into participating in activities such as gangstalking against innocent civilians.
36) This network of unofficial civilian watchdogs maintains the pathocracy’s rule at the street level.
37) Once all of mainstream media has been centralized, indoctrination via mind control and propaganda can commence. Psychopathic dictators also utilize the film and television industry to further their reckless and depraved long-term goals.
38) Propaganda showcasing the DoD, CIA, FBI, White House, and other thoroughly defiled federal institutions in a positive light is a frequent occurrence in Hollywood films and TV shows.
39) Oddly enough, coded messages are also sent through TV news broadcasts to recruit other psychopaths to support the totalitarian regime. These “siren-calls” are hidden from most normal people but are detectable to psychopaths.
40) Rich claims in his book that the new totalitarian leadership instituted during any stealth takeover “is actively supported by about 6% of the population, about 1/10th of which is composed of psychopaths, and the rest being similar character types.”
41) Because normal people constantly threaten the supremacy of the pathocracy, it is a biological necessity to destroy as many normal people as possible – physically, psychologically, morally and economically.
42) One way this destruction can be accomplished is via death camps.
43) War is another oft-used method of psychopathic dictators to create vast amounts of havoc and destruction.
44) War also enables the psychopaths to achieve multiple objectives – killing a large number of people who are fooled into fighting for some “great” cause while also extending and prolonging the pathocracy’s existence.
45) Normal people continually criticize the psychopathic regime as it solidifies its control over the entire nation. Thus, psychopaths must use all means of terror to eliminate this threat to their power.
46) This includes the targeting, torture and harassment of innocent civilians who are placed on a “terrorist” watch list.
47) Terror is a standard trait in a pathocracy. The civilian population is beaten into submission using terror. Psychopaths utilize terror as a show of force.
48) Psychopaths are predatory humans, and once they get into positions of power, they utilize various means of terror to get normal people to accept laws that they would normally refuse. Repressive laws are easily passed in this way.
49) Throughout history, such psychopathic individuals have always managed to rise to the top of society’s power structure, and this is no different today – particularly in the USA and other Western countries.
50) Many would probably claim that China is the most prominent example of such a repressive regime in the world today, although the USA arguably takes the cake when you factor in the global destruction and havoc it has wreaked over many decades – particularly in the Middle East.
51) In order to topple such a psychopathic government, it will require awareness on the part of the normal population (as well as compassion for the psychopathic individuals ruling over it).
52) This does not mean that we consent to the evil that is ruling over us; it simply means that we understand where these psychopathic individuals are coming from – and why they choose to wreak havoc and morally degrade society.
53) Perhaps the most important takeaway is that NONE of this is “conspiracy theory.” This is occurring almost entirely due to a factual, well-documented and devastatingly hostile mental deficiency – psychopathy – that goes largely undetected by the vast majority of normal people.
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