Oh Bharata ! It was Hidden from you for AGES !!

- How Did Europe from Dark Ages come to Renaissance?
-1188 Years ago, who was this Genius Rishi who Did Clossal Works Surpassing Issac Newton?
2/n: At a mere 23 years of Age, this Genuis Rishi created the most colossal ever treatise in Mathematics, 1188 Years before Issac Newton. He Name: Aryabhata (आर्यभट)
lets read slowly many FASCINATING Findings (Even if you dont hav Math Background !). You will ENJOY the Magic!
3/n We all have seen the Use of Bow/Arrow to fight. But the Brilliant ऋषि-आर्यभट used it for maths. The basis of Trignometry.
Sin & Cosine Tables. (Remember School Days).
A Shloka represents modern day Differential Equation
See the Illustration below. See the Brilliance !!
4/n In Rishis (ऋषि) of ancient India were accomplished Mathematicians and Scientists with a spiritual touch. The MASTERS !!
Another Equation represents Value of pi (∏ ), the Atma of Geometry.
5/n Buth What did Aryabhata do with It? Of what use?
He created Magic. The Values of-
-Earth's Diameter
-Value of pi (∏ )
-Days in a year.
-Sin Table
They have Profound implications, in Navigation, Mathematics, Physics, Calender, Astronomy & Everthing we Do!
6/n Aryabhatiya Treatise comprised of
-Gitikapada - Cosmology-Cryptic Encryption of BigNumbers
-Kalakriyapada-Planetary Motion
-Golapada- Geomtetry/Trignometry/Planets/Shapes
e.g. What Cryptic Number बुफिनच Contains? TRY IT YOURSELF!
-He Formalized Place Value System (Tens, Hundreds, Thousands). Please see the Shloka in the Illustration.

-Worked with numbers upto 10^62 (which means one hundred novemdecillion). CANT EXPLAIN HOW BIG IS IT. JUST SEE HERE
- Aryabhata (आर्यभट) was one of the Greatest. But DO WE KNOW OTHERS.

-Below Work is a compilation done of the CHRONOLOGY & DETAILS OF MAJOR MATHEMATICIANS, World Over from 800BC till 18th Century. The Details in the Illustration are not only AMAZE YOU but SHOCK as well !
9/n But Let's Revisit the WORLD GEOGRAPHY -PERSIA, ROME, UK, EGYPT, GREEK, Before Going to Next Tweet in the THREAD.
Check the Illustration below-
10/n But MOST People think Everything Originated in EUROPE, Egypt and Greek .
The below illustration is an extensive Research that will Open the SECRETS of this HIDDEN HISTORY. A BIG EXPOSE !!
ROBERT OF CHESTER / ROBERT OF KETTON/GHERAD OF CREMONA & many other English Men during 12th Century (1140-50) translated many Middle East Arabic Works to LATIN (Dominant European Language). Including Indian Mathematics, Metallurgy,Sciences Learnt by Middle East from India.
12/n Let's Now now see the Journey of very familiar "sin & cos" from INDIA to EUROPE
ज्या /जिवा to "sin"
कोटिज्या/कोज्या to "cos"
13/n- But it is said many times there can be "OWNERS BIAS". So an Indian will praise an Indian always. But Wait. See the Website of Saudi Aramco owned by Govt of SAUDI ARABIA. Check the Article- CAN THERE BE BIGGER PROOF THAN THIS ? They HAVE ALWAYS GAVE CREDIT TO US
14/n- Please pause for a While, Think what all we and our youngsters have missed from BAUDHAYANA , PINGALA, VARAHMIRA, ARYABHATA, BHRAMAGUPTA, BHASKARA, VIRASENA, HEMACHANDRA, MADHAVA, NILAKANTHA. इन महान ऋषियों को अपने अंतर मन से प्रणाम करें। Always Remember the illustration:
15/15 Oh Bharata! It's Time for us to Arise,Awake& Stop Not till the Lost Glory is Regained!
Isn't this wt OUR BOOKS Shud Teach?
@PrakashJavdekar @HRDMinistry
Pls Join this Noble mission of
@i4Kashmir which strives to unite India in all Fields of life. आपको मेरा सादर प्रणाम!
15b/15 :
16 Sulabh Sutras on different branches of math algebra/arithmetic/geometry etc written by Jagadguru Shankaracharya tirthaji (1884-1960) is nectar of earlier works done by Indian mathematicians. Nowadays it is called Vedic Maths OR Mental Speed Maths.
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