Swear to GOD - the issues surrounding the financial well being of our USPS are FAR more complex and nuanced.
It would be GREAT if the MSM reported the FACTs
The USPS is NOT like any other Agency
They are REQUIRED to pay the Govt BILLIONS A YEAR
In 2011, 2012, 2013 there was a pretty big financial shitstorm facing USPS, it largely surrounded around liquidity & “cost sharing” of employees retirement & benefits & loans
For example
2013 effectuation of rate changes made USPS quasi-nimble and liquidity less of a dire situation
I’m telling you DC is playing games both the White House & Congress
...yes increased rates & services means more revenue but the obligations remain
One tried & true factor is Overhead reduction lowers cost, and in 2014 that’s what the USPS did.
They furloughed a fuckton of people to get the overhead down & make their “books” look better
USPS STILL has to pay the US Treasury BILLIONs (put a pin in it)
Again I’m going to give it to you straight the USPS is not like ANY other Fed Agency
They are required to pay the Government BILLIONs
Lawmakers, both parties & the presidents ALL use the USPS as their piñata & as a bargain chip.
It’s FOUL but predictable
This is not my opinions, these are the stone cold brutal FACTs;
the USPS by LAW is required to pay BILLIONS to the Govt
“USPS’s required payments in fiscal year 2016 include a statutory required payment of $5.8 billion to prefund retiree health benefits.”
In March 2020 the GAO reported,

FY 2018 USPS generated $10.5B in revenue v $5B to operate, making them profitable overall.
But BECAUSE of the LAW USPS has to pay the Government- if you sense my frustration that’s intended

This is WHY I am pretty pissed off because both Congress & Trump are playing GAMES
Congress has known about this UNFAIR LAW FOR YEARS
The issue is who the president is & what he’s prone to do.
He’s PISSED that USPS & Amazon inked a deal that made the USPS flush with liquidity
Let me brake this down - every OTHER FEDERAL AGENCY picks up the cost for employee benefits
Yet the USPS by LAW must fund theirs & pay the Government
It’s known colloquially as “an uneven playing field” those are the FACTs not an opinion
Lastly Trump didn’t create the USPS collision course for financial insolvency DC created it, Congress & past Administrations
The problem is Trump is a sociopath & he’s transactional
He’s also guided by revenge.
He’s PISSED the stimulus had a $10B loan & loan forgiveness...
To the House Democrats credit they wanted $25B to help the USPS stay “afloat” but that fucking dick-wad “mitch” put in poison pills. So the Dems agreed to $10B but the notion that the USPS would cease to be or “that this is Trump’s master plan to fuck up the 2020 election”
Unless you can disprove the body of facts I’ve laid out & linked.
That Trump is an evil genius and he had the forethought to make OUR USPS go under before the Nov 2020 election, show me a memo, letter anything to prove that shit.
I am TIRED of conspiracies - stick to the FACTs
Don’t take my word for it - because I’m just an ordinary file-folder
<snorts> https://twitter.com/profmarylewis/status/1249184723672449024?s=20
Dear @USPS

You GUYS are awesome - thank you for everything you do to serve us. I very much appreciate what y’all do.

BEST🇺🇸NEWS🇺🇸EVER🇺🇸 https://twitter.com/srl/status/1253067025263595520?s=20
GOOD - for @OversightDems for putting @USPS 1st
“U.S. airline industry had 452,668 full time employees in 2019...equivalent of more than $110,000 per employee. That would amount to more than $69 billion if applied to the Postal Service’s 630,000 employees”
Let’s be clear here U.S. Postmaster General DeJoy Pulled this same shit in:
but now it’s more pressing because @USPS is under a sustained attck both by Trump & the GOP both inside & outside of the Agency. Good job @senatemajldr 🙄
the @OIGUSPS should have at least 2 dozen ongoing investigations occurring because the @senatemajldr @GOPLeader @realDonaldTrump and at least 11 super shady lobbyist are doing some foul swamp work here
The USPS union of carriers needs to do a media blitz
And lastly (for now) I do not encourage “leaking” but I absolutely encourage following the law & invoking whistleblower protections.
So @USPS employees should follow your agency’s CFRs & the Law. If you don‘t trust your USPS supervisor- see next tweet
If you don’t trust the @OIGUSPS or @USPS chain of command, you have a few LEGAL options
1) Congress House OverSight
2) OSC https://osc.gov 
3) Hire counsel that specializes in whistleblowing
but leaking isn’t the lawful route https://twitter.com/File411/status/1247299907108700161?s=20
FWIW -unlike the DOJ, SEC & IRS the @USPS inspectors assist in serious take down of criminals. The inequity is their Agency isn’t permitted to ”forfeiture” benefits like other Fed LE agencies. Even if the USPS is instrumental in taking down a crime syndicate they don‘t reap../1
the benefits of “asset forfeiture“ whereas; DOJ, IRS & SEC by law are allowed to claim those “assets“ this has been a decades long problem and one that could be easily solved by Congress. This is another “uneven playing field” unique to @USPS & it impacts their financial /2
standing & liquidity. I can’t tell you how many hours the postal unions & public policy groups have spent researching this. For Example:
International Drug Cartel uses USPS to move thousands of lbs of cocaine, launder money, mail illicit drugs (or diamonds) and yet USPS doesn’t/3
qualify for any largesse that they helped seize. Congress could/should fix this so USPS law enforcement can have the same privileges as the DOJ and/or SEC. <—who use asset forfeiture to “supplement“ their budgets. And yes I’m overly simplifying this but again most don’t know/4
how the @USPS tends to be “hamstrung” even though their postal inspectors are front line law enforcement. IMO this is an easily fixable & completely reasonable fix. If the USPS criminal investigations make us safer then why can’t they benefit from “asset forfeiture”
/fin, for now
THIS DELIGHTS the snark outta me... https://twitter.com/RepMaloney/status/1290380159040839681?s=20
And I 100% agree with those saying @RepMaloney and @OversightDems should hold this hearing sooner than Sept 17th - the thing is summer recess. The fact is the only one who benefits in this chaos is Trump.
and it’s freaking exhausting
This is the Summer Recess that I previously referenced, the 116th Congressional Calendar was set in late Jan 2019 -
data source via @GOPLeader Office👇🏻
Ergo the Sept 17th hearing is still kind of expedited
1st the @USPS carrier is okay
(thank goodness)

2nd when people besmirch OUR USPS understand those are fighting words.
Consistently the USPS “delivers” irrespective of what’s thrown at them. I am tired of seeing this Agency being used as a cudgel.
Perhaps you overlooked this May 2020 thread
a @USPS was murdered simply for doing her job.
It would be nice if the MSM would perhaps focus on what USPS employees face, the danger of their job
she was shot dead over mail delivery 👇🏻 https://twitter.com/File411/status/1256286715158945796?s=20
Let’s NOT forget the 2019 @realDonaldTrump MAGA Bomber.
Do you understand that these crude pipe bombs could have killed numerous USPS employees, as the bombs made their way through our complex postal system infrastructure? https://twitter.com/File411/status/1158516220687204354?s=20
Well hiya Bipartisanship 1/3

“...delivered 1.9 billion prescriptions to Americans' mailboxes, and nearly 100 percent of all Veterans Affairs prescriptions...I am concerned about the impact of the July 10 delayed mail directive and request you rescind that element of the policy.”
July 14, national publications released two documents that appear to be official Postal Service memoranda.
-significant changes to Postal Service procedures.
-“PMG’s Expectations and Plan” details a number of operational changes..
-DeJoy owns >$29-38M in USPS competitors
7/30/20 Sen Peters announced a “test” of new procedures for letter carriers
“Expedited Street/Afternoon Sortation” tested in 384 post office
The scope
potential impact
particularly, the timing of these reported changes and your failure to adequately address them are unacceptable”
July 27, 2020 PostMaster-Orange-Swampness’ (I paid for this sweet sweet gig & imma get rich as shit) DeJoy

“..currently unable to balance our costs with available funding sources to fulfill both our universal service mission & other legal obligations..”

-individuals (veterans too)
-small businesses
that are directly affected by USPS delays or operational changes
Members of the public can report problems by visiting and submitting your issues
Please share this http://www.peters.senate.gov/postal 
This week @SenGaryPeters wrote/transmitted a “dear colleague letter
..asking them to share reports they receive from constituents on challenges with on-time mail delivery”
I’m in the DMV (DC MD VA) shortly after Memorial Day we went 6+ days sans mail
By the 6+ day my spouse & I called our local PO
I assumed my stalker had filed a “stop delivery” on our primary addy (years ago she posted on a social page bragging how she’s done this to others)
2nd time July 11-22 no mail
FTR our carrier is a great guy https://www.peters.senate.gov/postal 
Incidentally earlier today @SenGaryPeters released a 2 page letter his office received from the @USPS General Counsel, Thomas J Marshall
It’s not exactly forthcoming and fails to address the numerous questions & issues raised in the 7/17 letter. I mean well duh it reads lawyerly
May 29, 2020 @USPS General Counsel also mailed

“It is critical that the Postal Service’s delivery standards be kept in mind when informing voters how to successfully participate in an election using the mail, and when state and local election official...”
It’s NOT just the firing & reorganization- there is no way DeJoy could have archived all of this in his relatively short tenure. So the question is who’s the wizard behind the curtain. Like who convinced Trump to “privatize:” our @USPS -Permutter?

DeJoy & Wife own $30.1M to $75.3M in assets in USPS competitors or contractors, like UPS and the trucking company J.B. Hunt..Mr DeJoy met all ethics requirements regarding disclosure, divestment, and recusal from decisions in which he may have a conflict?
-the end
when I say;
@USPS is not like any other Federal Agency
8/7/20- look at yesterday’s PR
“FFCRA provides the means for companies and other government entities to receive federal reimbursement for
payment of this FFCRA leave...Postal Service is not eligible for such reimbursement”
Right there in black & white, actual FACTs 2020 v 2019

-net loss for the quarter was $2.2B compared to a net loss of $2.3 billion for the same quarter last year.

-controllable loss for the quarter was $1.5B v compared to a controllable loss of $1.1B

GRILL DeJoy on
-across the board overtime cuts
-hiring freeze (in the face of unprecedented increase need)
-moratorium of using mechanical scanners/sorters NOW >75% done by hand
Read page 2 closely. @realDonaldTrump & DeJoy are fucking with people’s lives
Literally I don’t traffic in disinformation - everything in this long & painful thread is 100% sourced & linked
Like I said you can bring the horse to water but you can’t force it to drink.
So I’ll be in my corner quietly churning out research & facts
Take the public info that I’m providing and make an informed opinion
Louis Deloy & Aldana Z. Wos Family Foundation, Inc
Institute of World Politics
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation
Council of American Ambassadors
Duke University School of Law.
Appendix see next tweet
You do understand there’s nothing secret about the documents I’m tweeting out, right?
That Aldana Z. Wos nomination to be our Country’s Ambassador to Canada is fucking insane, right?
That @realDonaldTrump is the most corrupt POS in our Country’s history
Drain the swamp my ass
Viola - like magic:
Louis Dejoy And Aldona Z Wos Family Foundation Inc.

EIN: 20-3466009
Ask yourself these simple question, if a couple is this wealthy what other qualifications do;
Mr DeJoy have to run @USPS beyond he bigly donated to @realDonaldTrump ?
Ms Aldona Z Wos as our Ambassador to Canada?
NONE beyond they donated to @potus
It’s not like I haven’t repeatedly showed you how to obtain the IRS-990s
There’s nothing magic in what I am doing.
It’s ALL 100% public information - Twitter is a hobby.
Imagine what I’m like when I’m paid by my employer to research & test a legal argument
And if you really are in DC - then you know this Admin has a tendency of making things disappear
So a back up and a back up of that back up & another back up - yup 3 levels.
Any who I have some baking & drone flying lessons that I promise for my family
Fact check totally TRUE https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/1292576419755839491?s=20
But admittedly it was totally buried in this incredibly painfully long thread
At this point DeJoy should be subpoenaed and Congress should send out preservation record request because this administration has a tendency of making things disappear https://twitter.com/File411/status/1291959306703839232?s=20
You know it’s adorable seeing all these twitter accounts suddenly being USPS “experts’ where were you or your research in April, May, June
<eye rolling by Moi>
Notwithstanding good to see @MarkWarner stepping in https://twitter.com/MarkWarner/status/1292886547868639238?s=20
“..constituents have also raised concerns that recent delays in mail delivery are part of the administration’s broader effort to erode the effectiveness... confidence in, voting by mail. Millions of Americans are expected to vote by mail in November...”
Did you really think I was pulling;
-hiring freeze AND
-workers were ordered to stop using machines and only hand sort Mail

straight outta thin air, last week?
Nope - I can assure you, that I was NOT🙄 https://twitter.com/NPRinskeep/status/1293135703115739136?s=20
YEA @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats to @USPS DeJoy:

“...reversal of policies that have worsened the crisis facing the USPS and exacerbated a dramatic increase in delayed and undelivered mail”

FACT Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution - Postal Clause
“ Our Postal Service should not become an instrument of partisan politics, but instead must be protected as a neutral, independent entity that focuses on one thing and one thing only — delivering the mail," @RepMaloney THANK YOU...

you really should follow these 2 accounts
A few things you can do;
-buy stamps
-send letters
I require my littles to send weekly handwritten letters to; Nana, Mormor, Nonna, Papas, Yéyé, Prozio & Tante
Our carrier is the BEST https://twitter.com/APWUnational/status/1294049024849457152?s=20
ICYMI (I know I did) 8/14/20
“the request for $25B came from @USPS.. asked Congress for these funds NOT to implement “universal mail-in voting,”... delivery standards during coronavirus supported unanimously...the Board of Governors—all of whom were appointed by President Trump”
8/14/20 letter cont...
“during a meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Senate Leader Chuck Schumer on August 5, 2020, you seemed to admit that, in fact, you had personally approved certain limitations on the use of overtime, but you failed to explain what those limitations are”
cont the 8/14/20 letter is a detailed tick-tock of the last 45+ days. The FALSE narrative that @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats “are doing anything” strains credulity. The plethora of facts in the public domain suggest that YES Congress has & will continue to “do something”
USPS August 11, 2020 response to OverSight

“the Postal Service remains fully committed to fulfilling our role in the electoral process by doing everything we can to handle and deliver Election Mail, including ballots, in a timely manner consistent with our operational standard”
The @USPS Postmaster General DeJoy’s 8/14/20 gratuitous 3 page written word salad - note the attachments
“recognize that there have been unintended consequences related to these efforts that have impacted overall service levels...working feverishly to address service problems.”
Pardon my snark with reporter & conspiracy nuttera, who decided to block me bc I show how thw articles lacked content & facts
Some of us have been screaming about this for months Yet self appointed twitter celebrities are suddenly subject matter experts🙄 https://twitter.com/File411/status/1295015198655418369?s=20
You can follow @File411.
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